White Supremacist Steve Bannon Kicked Out of National Security Council

The Trump administration can’t seem to keep a functioning cabinet together to save its life. Trump’s presidency was marred early on when his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign due to alleged connections to Russia. A few weeks later, his Attorney General stood accused of perjury, and Kellyanne Conway’s list of ridiculous statements is too long to write about here.

One cabinet choice that turned a significant number of policy-attentive heads, however, was Trump’s decision to appoint Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. This was a highly atypical move, as members of this committee generally have a significant degree of experience in national security. Bannon, however, has none.

Instead, Bannon’s experience lies in propagandizing and spreading hate through his time as leader of Breitbart News, an exclamatory and misleading news source that takes advantage of conservative readers and pushes hateful rhetoric. Breitbart has been accused of spreading racist, anti-Semitic, and outright false information in the past, and Bannon had a hand to play in all of it.

Steve Bannon, who headed Breitbart News for years, got removed from the National Security Council earlier today.

Breitbart was embarrassed recently, however, when Breitbart spokesperson and columnist Milo Yiannopoulos tacitly approved of pedophilia. Despite the fact that Yiannopoulos was forced to resign soon after, the remarks definitely stained Breitbart and Bannon’s already shady reputations for saying offensive and baseless things purely to elicit a reaction.

Clearly, an experience with such a seedy publication shouldn’t qualify Bannon to sit on the National Security Council, so Trump’s decision to place him on this board caused major concern for policymakers and constituents on both sides of the aisle.

Thankfully, however, all of those who were worried about Bannon’s obvious power grab and lack of qualifications can rest a bit easier. Bloomsberg reported earlier that Bannon has been officially removed from the National Security Council.

Furthermore, the entire National Security Council has been restructured. Trump’s Homeland Security adviser, Tom Bossert. This represents the taking of power from two Trump advisers in one day, and is definitely the sign of an administration that is incapable of maintaining a stable of effective chain of command.

Given the fact that Trump and other Republican spokespeople have spent so much time recently condemning Obama’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, one might think that they’d at least to be able to manage the same office. Apparently, that’s not the case, as this marks only the latest in a series of radical restructuring efforts in Trump’s cabinet.

At the end of the day, Democrats can at least celebrate Bannon’s loss of power. He represents everything that’s wrong with Trump’s government, from his racist rhetoric to the spreading of false information. If you’re also happy that Bannon’s out of the National Security Council, share this article with friends and family on Facebook so that Democrats around the country can celebrate this major win.




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