WATCH: Trump Just Got Rocked By CNN After Panel Of Trump Voters Admitted The Truth About Their Votes

Earlier this week, ABC published the results of a survey conducted by Gallup polls which showed that Donald Trump officially has the highest disapproval ratings for his first six months in office of any President in American history. While Trump and his supporters are likely eager to call this “fake news”, that’s simply not an option for them here, as Gallup is a nationally renowned polling company with decades of experience and a reputation for non-partisanship, so some Republicans have had no choice but to look at these numbers and accept a simple truth: Donald Trump is the worst American President of all time.

This message is apparently beginning to hit home even among his base, according to the results of a panel held by CNN early Monday morning. Six people who voted for Trump in the 2016 Presidential election were invited to come speak on the popular CNN talk show New Day with Alisyn Camerota about how their thoughts on Trump have changed as a result of his actions and policies since taking office.

Off the bat, one supporter tried to jump ship. Claiming that she had never really been a Trump supporter, one woman attempted to avoid the embarrassment associated with having voted for Trump by claiming that she only voted for him because she hadn’t liked Hillary. Asked to defend that decision, she completely failed, stating that she initially hadn’t minded Trump’s sexist and violent rhetoric on the campaign trail because “words are just words”, but having seen those words translated into action, now regrets voting for Trump.

Six people who voted for Donald Trump in the recent presidential election appeared on a recent CNN panel, during which half of those present admitted that they regretted their decision.

Two other supporters stated that they completely and totally regretted voting for Trump as well. One man said he was completely disappointed with Trump’s lack of maturity, stating that he’d assumed that Trump would “grow into the role” over time, becoming more mature due to the obligations of the office of the President. Unfortunately for short-sighted Republicans like this one, however, Trump has proven this not to be the case, maintaining the same childish and irrational mentality that defined his campaign.

It’s time for Republicans to grow up, and stop urging the rest of the country to “give Trump a chance”. Clearly, he has no intention of changing the way he thinks or leads, and he needs to be removed from office before he can inflict any more damage to America’s policies at home or reputation abroad. Thankfully, however, this CNN panel and the poll published by ABC yesterday are strong indications that even those who originally voted for Trump are starting to understand the error of their ways, and by continuing to share information like this, Americans everywhere can help keep up the pressure on Congress to invoke the articles of impeachment against Trump.



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