WATCH: Trump Just Dropped DISGUSTING Racial Slur At Warren On National TV

Even as far back as the 2016 Republicna Primary debates, it was obvious that Donald Trump was a horrible debater. Beyond the fact that he lacked a clear policy message and leaned on series of xenophobic and racist sound bytes that appealed to his rabid support base, Trump was completely unable to counter the points of his opponents on any meaningful or logical level. Instead, Trump has to rely on insults and anger to carry his talking points forward due to his lack of ability to defend his horrible policies.

This became apparent yet again when Trump appeared on Fox & Friend’s early Sunday morning. The show has been incredibly friendly to Trump in the past, and he’s praised them for their clearly biased broadcasting in the past. Even in an easy interview, however, Trump couldn’t help himself from making vicious and flatly racist comments about the people brave enough to criticize him.

Trump found himself at odds with Elizabeth Warren after being reminded of remarks she made about the disastrous Trumpcare healthplan that Republicans are trying to push through the Senate.

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth quoted Warren in regards to her comments on how Trumpcare would directly result in the deaths of millions of Americans, and asked Trump for a response. Clearly, this was Hegseth’s attempt to set Trump up to talk about his healthcare plan and give the President free airtime to promote the bill. Instead of picking up on this softball question, Trump went on a bizarre racist tirade against Warren, insulting her Native America heritage and completely failing to address the issues with his healthcare plan.

Donald Trump called Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “Pochahontas”, a racist reference to her Native American heritage.

Trump called Warren “Pocahontas”, continuing”“…that’s an insult to Pocahontas. I actually think that she’s somebody that’s got a lot of hatred, a lot of anger.” Beyond being clearly racist, this is an incredibly ironic statement coming from a man who ran his entire campaign on hatred and anger. This pathetic attempt to distract from the reality being pointed out by Warren in her statements is bound to fail, as nobody outside Trump’s completely out of touch supporter base is going to forget how right Warren is: this bill will kill millions of Americans.

Trump’s racist rant won’t change the fact that the Medicaid cuts in his bill will be disastrous for his blue-collar voter. He’s trying to use racist remarks and right-wing hate to distract his voters from the fact that he’s destroying their healthcare in order to provide huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and if you want to fight back by spreading the truth, please like and share this article on Facebook.





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