WATCH: ‘Pharm Bro’ Throws Trump-like Temper Tantrum After Being Convicted of Massive Fraud – Faces The Ultimate Consequence

Martin Shkreli made headlines in September of 2015 when he acquired Turing Pharmaceuticals, which bought the manufacturing license for antiparasitic medication Daraprim under his lead and subsequently raised the price on the drug from $13.5 to $750 overnight.

This caused a tremendous amount of backlash, as it was seen as an emotionless and inconsiderate profit-grabbing move, and essentially extorted people who relied on Daraprim for survival. People like Martin Shkreli are why industries like medicine and finance need to be regulated, as his actions pursuant to his acquisition of Turing show that some people will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck.

While he didn’t actually break the law when he raised the price of the drug, it drew a tremendous amount of public attention to him. As a result of this, he was eventually charged with 8 counts of securities fraud, and has had to testify before Congress on multiple occasions.

Throughout the series of high-profile trials that have been going on since his arraignment, Shkreli has borrowed a lot of Trump’s favorite phrases to describe his predicament, lamenting the “mainstream media” and accusing the legal system of going after him unfairly.

Today, these trials came to a close, and Shkreli was found guilty of three charges of securities fraud. He could potentially face years of prison time, and will have a much more difficult time finding work as a financial analyst or hedge fund manager in the future due to his damaged reputation. After hearing the charges, he was clearly distraught, claiming that his predicament represented one of the biggest “witch hunts” in history.

Martin Shkreli hides from the press in a hooded sweatshirt while being arrested for securities fraud.

Like Trump, Shkreli is completely unable to accept the fact that he was being investigated for one simple reason: he broke the law.

This isn’t a case of media bias, or a justice system with ulterior motives, but rather a system of trusted professionals successfully doing their jobs.

Just like Trump will be unable to complain his way out of any charges that might arise as a result of the special investigation into his Russian connections, nor can Shkreli complain his way out of the multiple years of prison time he’ll face as a result of these rulings.

While Shkreli’s original actions were still immoral, these rulings represent an inspiring example of justice that the American people deserve to hear about. So often these days it seems like corruption and ignorance run rampant at the highest levels of government, so the fact that an actual crook is finally getting caught is reassuring.

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