WATCH: Fox News Sexual Assault Victim Speaks Out: “Fox is the Wild West of Sexual Harassment”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid ran a segment on her show AM Joy this morning that directly addresses the recent sexual assault allegations leveled at Fox News anchor Eric Bolling. Reid invited one of the brave women who spoke out against Bolling to appear on her show and describe her experience, and the following interview painted a harrowing picture of the culture at Fox News.

According to Occidental College professor Dr. Caroline Heldman, Fox was the “Wild West” of sexual harassment. Heldman claims that Bolling referred to her as “Doctor Hottie”, and continually harassed her with unsolicited lewd text messages and sexually explicit pictures. Heldman felt trapped and knew that if she spoke out, she could quickly lose her job at Fox and be taken off of the air.

Caroline Heldman accused Eric Bolling of sexually harassing her, and called Fox News the “Wild West” of sexual harassment.

Clearly, this is not an issue that occurred in a vacuum, but rather a sign of a sinister culture of sexual harassment at Fox. The regressive and biased coverage there is apparently the least of their problems, as their hosts and executives cannot seem to understand the fact that the women they work with deserve their respect. If Fox News is incapable of controlling their employees, they’ll undoubtedly find themselves facing a series of complaints and lawsuits.

It’s also no coincidence that this is the network that Donald Trump clearly favors, and has appeared on more than any other. Trump loves the morning show Fox & Friends, which has consistently provided him with friendly coverage and softball interview questions whenever he appears on the show. Furthermore, Trump has been accused of working with Sean Hannity to push a fake story about DNC staffer Seth Rich, using Rich’s tragic murder as a tool to increase his own political capital.

It’s also important to remember that Fox has had problems with sexual harassment claims in the past. Fox News founder Roger Ailes was accused of treating women inappropriately during the network’s early years, and host Bill O’Reilly was fired earlier this year due to sexual harassment charges leveled against him.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on at Fox, it’s clear that the network is having serious problems with the integrity of its employees. If you agree that nobody should watch the biased news published by this reprehensible network, please like and share this article to get the word out about Fox’s culture of sexual harassment.



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