WATCH: Fox News Host Accidentally Admits the Real ‘Legal’ Reason Las Vegas Shooter Killed So Many

Fox News host Heather Childers pointed to the real problem with the Las Vegas massacre that saw at least 59 killed and over 500 injured Sunday before getting pro-gun pushback from former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Tuesday.

In appearance on “Fox & Friends,” the disgraced former sheriff suggested that the nation’s “see something, say something” campaign launched after the September 11 attacks in 2001 “needs to be reevaluated” because “one of the most effective things we can do to detect, prevent and disrupt these sorts of investigations is to involve the public.”

Host Heather Childers noted that “it’s a fine line, you don’t want to impede on people’s freedoms but at the same time you want to be able to recognize when there are red flags when something might be a little bit off.”

That’s when Childers accidentally stumbled on the real insidious problem with the Las Vegas shooter and the American gun culture in America.

“Are there any types of checks and balances in terms of the amount of handguns, the amount of ammunition that someone can purchase?” she asked. “Because there were 23 found in the hotel room, another 19 at his home and that is what we know so far. Is there any type of checks and balances with that that would maybe be a red flag for people?”

“Yeah, if you’re buying 20 or more weapons,” co-host Rob Schmitt added, “is there anything that tells you that? I guess there’s not.”

“No,” Clarke responded before launching into a pro-gun defense. “We try to point to and try to find the technical aspects of this. One handgun with 50 magazines is still going to be able to do that same amount of damage.”

“Maybe not in the period of time that he needed,” Clarke added, ignoring what a massive difference the speed at which Stephen Paddock was able to fire rounds from a rifle modified to emulate a fully automatic machine gun made in the shooting.

“We’ve got to find that sweet spot,” Clarke said. “We’ve got to find that balance between protecting the public and protecting the homeland and preserving people’s constitutional rights.”

“And that’s a tricky thing in this sort of situation because there are over 300 million guns in the United States. We’re not going to know where all of them are. Some people have multiple guns,” he shrugged. “The ordinary gun owner would never dream of a nightmare of taking that firearm and committing this type of carnage.”

“I want to caution people about over reacting. I see people, I’m talking about politicians. I’m hearing it already, ‘We need more gun control.’ No, we don’t. Look, we need to do something but we need to do something reasonable. We need to do something that’s achievable.

Perhaps something reasonable would be banning assault weapons, as we did in the 1990s. Perhaps something reasonable would be banning “bump stocks” which allow people to easily and legally convert semi-automatic rifles into fully automatic ones. Perhaps something reasonable requires preventing people from stockpiling dozens of rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo. Perhaps something reasonable is requiring universal background checks for gun purchases, which is supported by over 90 percent of Americans. Perhaps something reasonable is to do the things they do in every other civilized nation where citizens don’t wake up to learn 600 of their fellow citizens were shot or trampled in a horrific mass shooting.

Watch Clarke’s interview below, if you can stomach it.



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