WATCH: Fox & Friends Host Jeanne Pirro Threatens Armed Revolution if Anyone in Trump’s Family Indicted by Mueller

Although the entirety of Fox News has long been mocked for their blatant Republican bias and low-brow appeals to less informed voters, Fox & Friends has taken the cake in recent months for being the most openly supportive of Donald Trump in the face of his constant mistakes. The show is one of Fox’s most popular, and they consistently praise Donald Trump and never mention any of his flaws. Trump, of course, is so easily manipulated that he loves any news program that says nice things about him, and he has subsequently appeared on the show multiple times and openly praises their programming.

In yet another attempt to appeal to Trump’s childlike need for validation and attention, host Jeanine Pirro made a series of statements early Friday morning that are at best simply incorrect, and at worst tacitly supportive of the authoritarian attempts to manhandle the justice department currently being executed by Trump and his cohort.

Pirro commented on the fact that special prosecutor Robert Mueller has recently impaneled a grand jury for any possible action that might be required as a result of his ongoing investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia, stating that ““I’m sure this is on Donald’s mind, he never stops thinking,” as if it were some sort of legendary level of journalistic coverage to note that Trump is likely thinking about the fact that he’s being investigated.

Jeanne Pirro stated on Fox & Friends that there would be an “uprising” if Trump or anyone in his family were indicted.

In fact, it’s quite clear to everyone in the country that he’s thinking about it, because he has not stopped trying to slow or obstruct these investigations since finding out about them. His legal team has made thinly-veiled threats ever since it became clear that Mueller would be looking into Trump’s personal financial history, and he’s bent over backwards in order to try to absolve himself of any guilt that might be associated with Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner’s potentially illegal meetings with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election.

Pirro’s most disturbing statement, however, came next. She stated that “If they end  up with an indictment against a family member, just to get at Donald Trump because they couldn’t get at him, there is going to be a real uproar, a real uprising in this country.” You read that correctly: a Fox News host is openly supporting the idea of a rebellion in an effort to scare federal prosecutors that might want to bring charges against Trump and his family.

This is truly absurd. There wouldn’t be an uprising, obviously, but the fact that someone claiming to be a journalist needs to invest such ridiculous lies in order to convince Donald Trump’s base that he’s the victim here is a sad statement on the state of the right-wing media in today’s America.

These individuals need to understand that no level of threatening or deceitful coverage will discourage people from covering Trump honestly, and pointing out his flaws; it certainly won’t prevent a special prosecutor from doing their job and putting Trump behind bars.

If you agree that it’s time for Fox to be held responsible for their lies, please like and share this message in order to expose this latest ridiculous claim.



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