VIDEO: Unhinged Fox Host Rants About ‘Rigged’ Election As DNC Chair Touts Dem Wins

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo tried to make her interview with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez all about the alleged “rigging” of the 2016 election as he touted his party’s massive Tuesday wins.

Perez praised his party’s message and organization, noting that “the last time Democrats won this many seats in the Virginia House of Delegates was in the 19th century. And we won this by organizing… We talked about the issues people cared about.

Bartiromo seized on the quote to claim that Democrats are winning by stealing a page from Trump’s book.

“So jobs,” Bartiromo said. “As opposed to the 2016 election, you now have a clear message that you want to create jobs, like what President Trump has been saying.”

“Well we created a lot of jobs,” Perez said, noting the country had “record private sector job growth under Obama and record increases in the stock market.”

“Well it was a 1 percent growth,” Bartiromo shrugged.

Perez pointed out that Obama and Bill Clinton created a lot more jobs in just 16 years than Republicans have in their last 20 in the White House, to which Bartiromo replied, “Well, I don’t want to argue about the economic story,” adding that “it’s not a coincidence that the unemployment rate is down and stock market is up since Trump.”

“But I gotta ask you about Donna Brazille,” she said. “She’s railing against the DNC in her new book.”

Perez refused to take her bait, saying Brazille is his “good friend” and that not one voter has asked him about her.

“There’s a real division within the party Tom, I mean, come on,” Bartiromo insisted. “It was rigged. Everybody was behind Hillary Clinton and not Bernie Sanders, and that’s what Donna Brazille is saying.”

“Maria, we are focused on winning elections, focused on the future here,” he said.

“Right, unfortunately Bernie Sanders’s hopes were dashed because it was rigged,” Bartiromo interjected.

Perez pointed out that despite the problems at the DNC Clinton defeated Sanders by getting 4 million more votes.

“But it was rigged! But now we know it was rigged!” Bartiromo insisted.

“Maria, I understand that, when the Democrats win, as they did last night, that you’d like focus on other things,” Perez replied.

“I think the most important question your listeners want to know is how is it that the Donald Trump [backed candidates] that you’re touting kind of got their clocks cleaned last night,” Perez said. “They are taking away healthcare from people. They’re dividing our communities.”

“Tom, we know that Obamacare was imploding before Donald Trump, everybody knows that,” Bartiromo claimed, prompting a laugh from Perez.

“Why do we have so many people enrolling, Maria?” he asked.

Bartiromo instead tried to steer the conversation back to Sanders, insisting Perez tell her if he has spoken to Bernie since Brazille made her claims.

“Maria, I have been out on the stump campaigning for people, I’ve been focused on the future,” Perez said.

Bartiromo later brought up the DNC not giving their computers to the FBI after the Russian hacks and suggested they did so because there’s information on there “that you didn’t want anyone to see.”

“Maria, you are in a fictional wonderland right now,” Perez said with a grin.

Watch the interview below:

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