VIDEO: Trump Advisor Kicked Off the Air at ABC Show for Blatant Lying

Once again, a trusted member of Donald Trump’s inner circle has gone on national television and told blatant lies to the American people. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, however, was having none of it. After telling Trump crony Stephen Miller that he had “no evidence”, Stephanopoulos quickly ended the interview, dealing quite the embarrassing blow to the Trump administration’s reputation in the news media.

Miller’s lies in this case were concerning voter fraud, which Donald Trump likes to blame for his huge loss of 3-5 million voters in the popular vote. Instead of confronting the facts, however, Trump prefers to spout platitudes about how “everyone knows” voter fraud is a huge problem, using anecdotes and xenophobic statements to hide the fact that he has no facts to back up his argument.

Stephen Miller clearly took a page out of Trump’s playbook for this interview, because that’s exactly what he did. Stating that “anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics” knew voter fraud was a huge problem, Miller repeatedly attempted to dodge requests for evidence or facts to support his claims. As usual, the Trump administration was all talk and no facts.

Similar to Kellyanne Conway’s statements about fake terrorist attacks, however, these lies carry a darker implication than simply misleading the American people. By spreading false information about voter fraud from illegal immigrants, the Trump administration is trying to use anger and fear to spread negative feelings towards undocumented individuals in this country.

In truth, however, voter fraud is incredibly rare, and many undocumented immigrants work and pay taxes but aren’t afforded the opportunity to vote. By making up fake stories about massive voter fraud in New Hampshire, Trump is slandering these hard-working individuals and implying that they are abusing the system. In fact, it’s far more likely that the system is abusing them.

This obsession with voter fraud, then, is due to two reasons: Trump’s inability to accept that he lost the popular vote fair and square, and the Trump administration’s desire to spread hate against illegal immigrants. Democrats across the country need to do everything they can to expose these motives, and bring Trump’s lies to light.

By continuing to challenge Trump and his advisors, concerned citizens can ensure that each of their statements are put to the test in the court of public opinion. By sharing articles like this and making sure our friends know what Trump’s true aims are, Democrats can help protect the country from being lied to and manipulated by a greedy and insecure Commander in Chief.

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Source: The New Civil Rights Movement



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