VIDEO: “Stop Lying” – John Oliver DESTROYS Trump’s False Promises to Coal Miners

As is the case with most of Trump’s policies, his administration’s stances on environmental responsibility are dangerous, outdated, and largely unjustifiable. By intentionally misleading large groups of blue-collar Americans who depend on energy sources like coal for their incomes, Trump has earned himself a significant number of votes by promising to pursue environmental policies that will revitalize the coal mining industry. These promises, however, are full of either completely misleading statements or outright lies, and TV personalities like HBO’s John Oliver are putting Trump in his place.

The biggest lie contained within these statements is the spirit of the promise itself: Trump’s claim that he can “bring back coal” simply by pursuing lenient environmental policies. While he can push to eliminate regulations on coal mining, a lack of regulations won’t change the simple fact that the rest of the world has been investing in clean energy for years, and that outdated and irresponsible forms of non-renewable energy like coal are being phased out. Simply put, Trump can’t bring back coal for the simple reason that people are simply less interested in using it as a form of energy than they were fifty years ago, so these promises are all based on a bogus proposition.

The next misleading aspect of Trump’s statement is the one that Oliver spends the most time on in a recent segment deconstructing Trump’s coal platform: the lie that clean energy means destruction of jobs. This is simply untrue. As Oliver points out, countries like China have realized that by investing early in clean energy, they can provide job security and economic vitality for their country by staying ahead of the curve. Trump’s desire to keep America’s energy policy in the past might save a few jobs in the short term, but will end up creating a stagnated energy sector and large job loss in the long term.

On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver lambasted Trump’s irresponsible lies about the coal industry.

Finally, the most egregious thing Trump has done in regards to energy thus far: withdrawing the United States from the Paris Accords. As Oliver points out, literally nobody agrees with Trump on this move. Business leaders reject it, state and local governments reject it, and our foreign power peers reject it. Quite frankly, it’s a major embarrassment for the United States.

It’s time for Trump to stop using lies to justify his reckless environmental policies, and start taking steps to protect the Earth for future generations. If you agree, please share this article on Facebook so that people remember to pay attention to the important environmental policies at hand, and to expose Trump’s absurd lies about coal.



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