VIDEO: Furious Constituents Humiliate Congressman Joe Wilson (R-CA) for Lying at Town Hall Event

Although a vast majority of public backlash against the Republican party has been directed at Donald Trump, Republicans at all levels of government are beginning to feel the heat from angered constituents around the country. As elected officials in the House of Representatives and United States Senate continue to be shocked by the furious reactions of the voters in their districts, the resistance against Trump’s policies is taking the form of a series of successful grassroots movements.

Earlier this year, Congressmen Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) faced crowds of angry supporters as they tried to defend Trump’s disastrous healthcare bill. Only a few weeks after these protests and similar movements around the country, the bill floundered, and Democratic protesters emerged victorious.

This early success, combined with record-setting movements like the Women’s March that took place both in Washington, D.C. and other cities around the world on the day of Trump’s inauguration, have inspired other similar events around the country. Republican officials continue to find themselves booed, challenged, and shouted off stage at town hall events as constituents become completely fed up with the party’s inefficacy and abuse of power.

The most recent Republican to suffer this type of embarrassment was Joe Wilson (R-CA), who held an absolutely disastrous town hall event earlier this week. Most readers will probably remember Wilson from his dramatic outburst during President Obama’s 2009 joint session in Congress, in which Wilson embarrassed himself by taking to his feet and screaming at President Obama.

Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) embarrassing himself by shouting at Barack Obama during the President’s 2009 address to Congress.

While this childish tantrum might seem like the worst thing a Congressman can do, it pales in comparison to Wilson’s awful policy track record. In 2013, Wilson voted against the Violence Against Women Act, and his constituents were furious.

That’s why when Wilson took to the stand during his town hall event and claimed that he’s “always supported” the local solicitor in Lexington, South Carolina, in “ensuring that violence against women is fully enforced.” Apparently, Wilson didn’t think that his constituents had been following his voting record, which was a huge mistake.

Voters were so angry about this lie, in fact, that they started a chant calling Wilson a liar. The fact that a Congressman would claim to have “always supported” efforts to reduce violence against women even after voting against the Violence Against Women Act is a blatant lie, and representative of what appears to be the new norm for the Republican party. Watch the video below:

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From the President to each Congressmen, Republicans need to understand that Americans aren’t going to stand idly by and be lied to. Whether it’s Congressmen like Wilson lying about their voting record or Donald Trump spreading lies about immigrants in order to justify his racist immigration policies, Americans have had enough. If you agree, please share this article with your friends and family on Facebook, and let Republicans know that this sort of misleading political move won’t be tolerated any longer.



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