VIDEO: Alec Baldwin Just Pointed Out Exactly How Terrifying Steve Bannon Really Is On SNL

With Donald Trump continuing to roll out terrifying policy after terrifying policy, it’s a stressful time to be someone who follows national politics. Thankfully, we can always count on the comedic geniuses over at Saturday Night Live to give us some laughter and break up the misery that a Trump presidency has forced on the nation. Alec Baldwin just helped us do exactly that, be providing one of his now well-known Trump impersonations and mocking some of the president’s most embarrassing gaffes.

And trust us, there have been some embarrassing gaffes. We loved Baldwin’s performance, but we’re sure that it was pretty easy to come up with material for. We are, after all, talking about a president with no understanding of international policy, who insults our allies and abuses our citizens, and who seemingly can’t piece together a single intelligent sentence.

That being said, Baldwin had a huge arsenal of embarrassing Trump moments to unload on the President: ranging from international diplomatic failures in Australia and Mexico to the blatant anti-Semitism displayed by Trump’s chief advisor, Steve Bannon.

Bannon’s portrayal as a grim reaper in Baldwin’s skit is a truly biting commentary on the potentially violent implications of Trump’s actions. When Trump refuses to read intelligence briefings, his opinions are informed primarily by his closest advisors. Up until recently, that has meant Jared Kushner.

Check out the SNL skit below:

Obviously, we’re no fans of Trump’s billionaire son-in-law, as he’s the one who pushed this mockery of a President into the Oval Office, but Kushner was far preferable to the current situation.

With Trump’s daughter Ivanka and husband Kushner taking a back seat role in advising the president, Bannon has stepped in and is now apparently serving as the president’s chief advisor. This transition of power has been incredibly transparent, as Trump violated decades of United States political precedent and appoint Bannon to serve on the National Security Council, displacing a representative from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This council, responsible for making some of the country’s most vital military decisions, is staffed by people with military experience. Bannon, however, has none of this experience, and built his career spreading hate and lies by founding alt-right conspiracy hawker Breitbart.

So, while we loved laughing along with Baldwin’s top-notch and timeless Trump impersonation, we’re also thankful that Saturday Night Live is able to remind Americans about the very real danger of our current situation. While it may seem like an exaggeration to dress Bannon up as a grim reaper, it’s important to remember: this Jew-hating, propaganda spewing snake oil salesman is currently making decisions that could cost the lives of thousands of individuals around the world.

We must continue to monitor the Trump administration and hold them accountable for their actions, lest we allow Baldwin’s masterful satire of this week’s events become next week’s reality.

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