United Airlines Brutalizes Random Passenger, Removes Doctor from Flight

Earlier today, an absolutely abhorrent video of United Airlines forcibly kicking a customer off of one of their flights made its rounds on the internet, shocking viewers with the level of brutality and recklessness with which airline personnel treated a paying customer. After overbooking flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville, United Airlines personnel decided to punish this passenger for their mistake, and things quickly got messy.

When an airline overbooks a flight, it’s standard procedure to offer a voucher and help with accommodations to any passenger who is willing to volunteer to switch flights. Usually, this resolves the issue, as it’s rare that everyone who actually buys a ticket for a full flight shows up at the gate. In those rare circumstances when these flights are unable to accommodate all ticket-holding passengers, the voucher system usually provides sufficient incentive for one passenger to give up their seat and create sufficient space on the flight.

People are furious after watching a doctor be brutalized and kicked off of a United Airlines flight.

When this wasn’t the case on flight 3411 however, employees handled the airline’s overbooking mistake in the worst way possible. None of the customers on the flight were willing to give up their seat, and instead of increasing the value of the voucher to convince a passenger to switch seats, United chose to resort to violence and brute force.

Airline personnel randomly selected an as of yet unnamed passenger to be removed from the flight, and called security to remove him. The passenger, however, was a doctor, and refused to leave the plane, as he had patients to see in Louisville. Instead of choosing a different passenger given the fact that this man had to treat patients with time-sensitive conditions, however, security dragged him from his seat and slammed his head into an arm rest, shocking passengers on the plane and causing a horrifying scene of violence and officer brutality. Feel free to watch the video below, but viewer discretion is advised:

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Obviously, there’s a serious way with how United views its customers if anyone at the airline thought this was an acceptable way to behave. Instead of threatening customers with brutality and forcing doctors to miss important appointments, United ought to fix their booking policy so that they don’t need to kick people off of planes in the first place.

It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time United has caught bad press recently: they also banned two young girls from flying due to their outfits, claiming that the girl’s leggings were offensive. Clearly, United needs a major overhaul in their customer service department, as their employees don’t understand that shaming and brutalizing passengers isn’t an effective business model. If you agree that United should be boycotted until some serious reforms are made, please share this article with family and friends on Facebook so that Americans across the country can see how this passenger was treated.

Source: OccupyDemocrats



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