Truth About Why Trump Aides Are Afraid To Quit Just Came Out And It’s Horrifying

In the wake of the terrorist attack that took place in Charlottesville last weekend, the entire country came together to unilaterally denounce neo-Nazi rhetoric and KKK racist hate, showing that even when the country is largely divided it is capable of standing together in the face of such abhorrent ideas.

The only person seemingly incapable of unequivocally condemning these groups has proven to be Donald Trump, who made a lukewarm statement following the attack that blamed “many sides” for the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, drawing harsh criticism for this failure to denounce hate groups.

After days of facing scathing condemnation from both the left and members of his own party, Trump finally came out and admitted that the KKK and other neo-Nazi groups are hateful thugs who are not welcome in the United States.

While this was the first time in a long time that Trump actually said the right thing, most of the statement’s meaning was lost due to the fact that it was clear he only did so because he was forced to.

Unfortunately, in the days to follow, Trump doubled down on his tacit approval of these hate groups, calling Confederate monuments “beautiful” and coining the term “alt-left” in order to create a sense of false equivalency between groups like Black Lives Matter and the Ku Klux Klan.

The fact that Trump seriously believes a group created to prevent African Americans from being shot by policy is in any way similar to a group founded to perpetuate slavery and conduct lynchings is disgusting, and many Republicans have finally given up on their President.

Following a series of KKK and neo-Nazi rallies in Chartottesville, Trump has found himself desperate to hold on to his remaining advisers.

Due to the horrible nature of these remarks, many of Trump’s top advisers have resigned. Titans of industry have left his councils on business, forcing him to cease operating them, and virtually every member of the President’s Council on Arts and Humanities has quit.

Some of the highest officials in Trump’s cabinet, such as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, have been forced to defend their decisions to remain in Trump’s cabinet, and their answers are quite telling.

According to a series of interviews conducted by Axiom and a statement released by Mnuchin, there’s one simple reason these people stay: they’re terrified of what will happen if they go.

According to one White House Staffer, if Trump’s advisers hadn’t been there to stop the President from acting on his most idiotic impulses, the United States would be facing “a trade war with China, massive deportations, and a government shutdown to force construction of a Southern wall.” Apparently, these people are aware that if they leave the White House now, Trump could bring the whole country down in a matter of days.

This is despicable, and cannot be allowed to continue. If Trump is so unstable that his top advisers are terrified to resign, it’s time for Congress to take control of the situation and impeach Trump immediately.

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