Trump’s Name Removed From Hotels After LeBron James’ Boycott Turns Into Massive Protest

President Donald Trump’s name is being removed from another hotel after a boycott of the president’s businesses by NBA star LeBron James has snowballed into a boycott by about 20 sports teams and many corporations.

According to The New York Times, after James publicly refused to stay at the Trump SoHo hotel, a number of corporate clients and roughly 20 sports teams who had regularly stayed there “almost entirely disappeared.”

“Porters whose base salaries were once buoyed by up to $60,000 a year in gratuities have earned half as much in tips,” The Times reports. “Many employees, some of whom are immigrants from countries targeted by Mr. Trump’s policies, quit, the staff member said.”

With business drying up, the Trump Organization is removing its name from the 46-floor building. The name is expected to be removed as soon as next month.

This is the second hotel to shed the Trump name in the last six months.

In June, the company that owns the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Toronto reached a deal with the Trump Organization to pay them $6 million just to get the name (and the stench) off the building.

“The agreement to remove the the U.S. president’s brand marks the first step toward revamping the property, which has faced a history of construction delays and lawsuits,” Bloomberg reported at the time. “Most recently, it’s been a site for protests against the Trump’s comments disparaging women, Mexicans and Muslims, even though his company has no ownership stake in the property.”

According to The Washington Post, Trump’s dismal popularity numbers are hurting his brand at countless other Trump businesses.

One analysis found that the lowest-cost room at 13 Trump hotels had fallen on average by a third between last year and this year. In some cases the drops for far steeper: the cost of the cheapest room at the Trump Doral in Miami fell by nearly half, while the same room at his Las Vegas hotel plummeted by nearly two-thirds.

His beloved Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach has taken a huge hit too.

According to the Post, 25 major events were scheduled this year but 19 have either been canceled or moved to another property.

The downswing in revenues is clearly tied to how negatively Americans and the world view the toxic president.

According to a YouGov survey, “out of all 1,600+ brands for which it conducts daily consumer perception surveys, both the Trump Hotels and Ivanka Trump brands fall in the bottom 10,” Axios reports.

The organization collected six months of data and found that “Perspectives on Trump Hotels and Resorts are highly polarized based on political affiliation, but even though Republicans have the highest perception scores, those scores are still pretty low. High-end rivals like Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton fare far better.”

This is all the more ironic given that Trump has done little to hide his intentions to enrich himself while in office. While he may make some money selling MAGA swag and hosting foreign diplomats and alt-right groups at his hotels, the core business is quickly drying up and may soon go the way of his casinos, Trump water, Trump vodka, Trump steaks, and, potentially, the Trump presidency.



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