Trump’s Mental Instability Has Democrats Calling For On-Call Psychiatrist in the White House

As early back as the beginning stages of the 2016 presidential race, it was easy for anybody closely following the emerging political candidates to diagnose Donald Trump as having some serious mental issues. Many psychologists have analyzed him at multiple points over the past few years and diagnosed a variety of diseases. The most common of these are exactly what you might expect: narcissism and delusions of grandeur. Reports also flew in from people who’d worked with him in the past, with many Apprentice cast members vouching for his manipulative and grandiose tendencies.

Even as it became clearer and clearer how detached he was, however, his voters continued to support him throughout the race. The result? We now need legislation to control our Commander in Chief’s psychotic episodes. Representative Todd Lieu (D-Calif) has recently introduced legislation to do exactly that.

Lieu’s bill, even though it may seem like an attempt to call Trump out for his antics, is couched in historical precedent. Since 1928, there’s been a law on the books that requires the White House to staff a physician, who is tasked with the responsibility of making sure the President is healthy. Lieu is worried, however, that a doctor of the body might not be enough; Trump needs a doctor of the mind as well.

Passing a bill like this would also go a long way towards eliminating outdated and unfair stigmas associated with mental illness. By pushing for Trump to receive psychiatric treatment, Lieu is saying that Trump’s physical health and mental health are equally important. This is an attitude that empowers Americans across the country who are currently suffering from mental disabilities and lets them know that Congress considers their problems to be serious.

Unfortunately, fixing a broken public perception of mental illness isn’t the main reason Lieu is pushing for this bill’s passage. Instead, when asked about the bill, Lieu points to Trump’s behavior since assuming the Oval Office. In fact, Lieu goes so far as to state that he and other Democrats now consider Trump’s psychosis to present a very real danger to the American people.

It’s not hard to see how Lieu could feel this way, and his reasons for introducing the bill line up with the disturbing trends Democrats have noticed thus far. Trump’s constant lying, exaggerating, and angry outbursts are more than just embarrassing for the United States: they could be undermining our safety and national security as well.

If Donald Trump is going to exhibit behavior that makes experienced lawmakers, psychologists, and colleagues question his mental stability, then it’s time to bring in a professional. Trump was perfectly entitled to be a narcissist on his own time when he was a mediocre businessman, but now that he is entrusted with the full faith and credit of the citizens of the United States, he needs to get medical-level help, and fast.

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Source: The Huffington Post



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