Trump’s ‘Back to Work’ Tweet Just Blew Up in His Face After New Video Shows Exactly How Much Golfing He Did Instead

President Donald Trump has spent three consecutive days playing golf after declaring he is heading “back to work” after Christmas.

“I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, then tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again (which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)!” Trump tweeted on Monday.

Despite his claim that he is heading back to work “tomorrow,” Trump instead headed to the golf course.

This time, Trump was even captured on video playing golf despite the administration’s constant attempts to block reporters from photographing the president on the golf course, where he spends an awful lot of time.

But giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, surely he would return to work as promised the following day. He couldn’t possibly play another round of golf. Right?


This time around, someone sent a mystery truck to block CNN from being able to get video of Trump on the course again. As the cameraman tried to get around the truck, the vehicle moved to block him. The Secret Service said in a statement they were not responsible, so it’s unclear who sent the truck.

“This may seem trivial, but it is important to get video of the president as he does these things on a daily basis,” CNN reporter Dan Merica said. “The president and the White House have tried to obscure the fact that President Trump golfs on a regular basis.”

But after two straight days on the golf course, surely Trump might consider doing some work, just as a change of pace, right?

Nope. He returned to the golf course once again on Thursday.

Trump attacked President Obama for occassionally playing golf relentlessly, but now finds the job much harder than he thought and has now spent roughly one-third of his presidency vacationing at his properties and more than a quarter of his presidency playing golf.

Trump blocks reporters from photographing him playing golf while declaring he’s “back to work” because he’s terrified of being exposed as the fraud 70 percent of the country already knows he is.



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