Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ Ghostwriter Makes Cryptic Prediction That Could End His Presidency

The author behind President Donald Trump’s “Art of the Deal” compared the president to disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and predicted that “much more will emerge” on Trump’s treatment of women.

Tony Schwartz, who spent hundreds of hours with Trump when he was the ghostwriter behind the president’s best seller, said that Trump “is worse” than Harvey Weinstein and predicted we will soon learn more.

“Today’s NYT story on Harvey Weinstein is one of the most disturbing articles I’ve ever read about dozens of human beings being complicit with & enabling a monster,” Schwartz tweeted. “Trump is worse, and much more will emerge. We are living in a deeply deeply sick American culture.”

The New York Times article Schwartz was referring to revealed that Weinstein had built a “complicity machine,” relying on powerful connections to “provide him with cover as accusations of sexual misconduct piled up for decades.”

Weinstein has been accused of rape, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct by at least 83 women.

President Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault or misconduct by more than a dozen women.

“Journalists are behaving heroically,” Schwartz wrote. “So grateful for the depth, specificity, richness and power of so many stories about the transgressions of Trump, his administration and the epidemic of prominent men sexually assaulting women. Thank God for the first amendment.”

A number of Trump’s accusers have come forward recently to call out the media for “forgetting them” even as powerful men like Weinstein, former Today host Matt Lauer, former CBS and PBS host Charlie Rose, actor Kevin Spacey, comedian and filmmaker Louis CK, and numerous others have lost their jobs over their past sexual misconduct.

After Trump harped on Lauer’s firing last week, journalist Natasha Stoynoff, who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in 2005 in Mar-a-Lago, told People, “It doesn’t surprise me at all that Mr. Trump would criticize someone else’s inappropriate sexual behavior and not address his own.”

“From what I understand, people who are delusional and narcissistic lack self-awareness and have a need to lash out,” she added.

Melinda McGillivray, who accused Trump of groping her at Mar-a-Lago, told People, “Donald is a complete hypocrite; he has the audacity to talk smack about other people when he’s the culprit himself.”

“I feel like we were forgotten about and there was no justice, but I do feel he will have his day in court,” McGillivray added.

Rachel Crooks, who accused Trump of forcibly kissing her while she worked at a company located in Trump Tower in New York, appeared on CNN Monday where she expressed surprise that the many allegations weren’t taken more “seriously.”

“I’m so thankful that other women are having enough courage to come forward. But, yes, I do feel forgotten,” Crooks said. “I mean, you can’t help but wonder why people aren’t talking about Trump and the people that came forward for him and why is he immune to this? … I think we’re forgotten by people who want to put party above all else and that’s sad because this should be bigger than politics.”

“I thought people would — I don’t know, take that into consideration at the polls,” she added. “I think it’s just evidence of sort of the political atmosphere these days. We’re forgotten by politicians who think it’s more convenient to keep Trump in office, you know, have him just sweeping his indiscretions under the rug.”



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