Trump Takes Record Breaking Vacations Days After Putting National Security at Risk

While there are a plethora of recurring hypocrisies that one could point out about the Trump administration, one of the easiest to see is his staggering time spent vacationing after spending months criticizing Obama for doing the same.

Despite the fact that Trump constantly blasted Obama on the rare occasions on which the former president would take time to relax and unwind, Trump has spent more time golfing and lounging at resorts in the first 7 months of his presidency than Obama did in eight years.

Not all of this vacation time has been official, of course. A large portion of it has been hidden as “work away from the White House”, primarily consisting of private events hosted by Trump at his Mar-A-Lago resort. While Trump claims that all of his activity at Mar-A-Lago is work related, this has been debunked on multiple occasions, as the President spends a vast majority of his time there golfing and dining at the resort.

Regardless of what his administration tries to label it, Trump sitting around at a spa and golf course in Florida will never count as work- especially given the fact that his brand owns the resort and profits off of the multitude of state visits there.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort, where he has spent 7 weekends in office.

Over the next three weeks, however, Trump will be taking a 17-day vacation to play golf at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, which will bring his count of leisure days to 53 according to an article by the Washington Post. This doesn’t even take into account the timing of Trump’s vacation, which comes days after he made an impromptu statement on North Korea that escalated tensions between them and the United States to an all-time high.  

That’s right: after putting the lives of United States citizens in danger and terrifying the nation for no good reason, Donald Trump has decided to take a three-week vacation during the most important days of his presidency thus far.

Hypocrisy like this needs to be exposed. Trump can’t criticize Obama for vacationing and then spend close to $20 million in taxpayer funds at his own resorts, and he certainly can’t claim to be a champion of national defense and then vacation when the nation’s security is in jeopardy. If you agree, like and share this message in order to call him out for what he is: a hypocrite and a coward.



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