Trump Just Tweeted New Word That’s Even More BEWILDERING Than His “Covfefe” Disaster

Throughout his campaign and during the first six months of his presidency, Donald Trump found himself embroiled in a number of feuds. Media organizations, titans of industry, and even Hollywood entertainers have all found their names plastered across Trump’s Twitter page as the President throws tantrums about anyone who dares to criticize him, and he’s managed to make a number of enemies in virtually every field imaginable.

Unfortunately, arguing intelligently isn’t exactly Trump’s strong suit, so he often finds himself embarrassed by the people he attacks on Twitter. Arnold Schwarzenegger famously roasted Trump for his awful approval ratings, and literary luminaries like Steven King and J.K. Rowling have taken down Trump for his childish behavior and awful policies. While Trump’s spats with celebrities are often entertaining given his total humiliation, they are not the most notable nor important aspect of his ongoing Twitter campaign: his constant attempts to attack and discredit news media.

By making “fake news” a slogan of both his campaign and administration, Trump has tried to fight back against the constant flow of terrible news coming out of his White House by convincing his supporters that the news can’t be trusted. He’s also tried to silence news outlets, banning cameras from White House Press Briefings and increasingly restricting reporter access to the President, refusing to answer hard questions.

The famous “covfefe” Tweet, another embarrassing and meaningless attack on the press from Trump earlier this month.

One publication that has found itself repeatedly at odds with Trump was once again the victim of his childish anger on Twitter early on Wednesday. Trump accused the Washington Post of defending Amazon’s “not paying internet taxes” and called the paper “FAKE NEWS”. Trump’s animosity towards the post is understandable, as they’ve done an amazing job covering the Presidency thus far and highlighting each of Trump’s awful mistakes. His feud with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is a bit more difficult to understand; perhaps Trump is jealous of Bezos’ success, given the string of failed businesses Trump has left in his own wake.

Nevertheless, this Tweet is essentially a lie condensed into 140 characters. First thing’s first: “internet taxes” do not exist. Nothing similar to the term “internet taxes” exists, so either the President is incredibly confused or flatly lying, or both. The only thing that could possibly be relevant here is Amazon’s ongoing efforts to avoid paying sales taxes, which they’ve given up on: in 45/50 states, Amazon now collects sales taxes from consumers. The remaining five (Delaware, Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon) do not have sales taxes.

So, this Tweet is essentially half lie, and half unfounded attack. This recipe seems to be becoming a Trump classic, as he becomes further and further embroiled in his own incompetency. While the President’s personal spats are his own problem, he needs to stop taking to Twitter and handling them so poorly, as it’s embarrassing for the United States. If you agree that Tweets like this one only prove that Trump shouldn’t be allowed near a smartphone, please like and share this message on Facebook.



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