Trump Just Lost Uber and Disney’s CEO From His Economic Panel

For someone who ran an entire campaign on claiming to be an effective business leader, Donald Trump is having a hard time convincing the business community to support him. In fact, two of the country’s most prominent business leaders just walked out on his economy advisory panel, proving that the brightest business minds in America can see Donald Trump for what he is: a con artist.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Disney CEO Bob Iger both announced that they would no longer be advising the president. Clearly, if the leaders of two companies as powerful as Disney and Uber have no faith in Donald Trump’s business abilities, there’s a serious problem with his strategies as a businessman and as a president.

Kalanick’s departure is likely no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to recent social media trends: the #DeleteUber hashtag blew up online last week after Uber refused to stand in solidarity with taxi drivers outside of New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. Instead of supporting the taxi drivers in their bold stand against Trump’s racist and ineffective immigration ban, Uber continued to pick up passengers.

When Kalanick had the opportunity to stand up to Trump’s policies, he backed down. The Uber CEO, however, failed to anticipate that Americans were paying attention, and Uber took a serious hit when concerned citizens around the country began deleting the app and deactivating their accounts.

Now, in an attempt to save face, Kalanick is abandoning Trump’s economic advisory committee and claiming that he never meant for his involvement in Trump’s administration to be interpreted as an endorsement of the President’s policies. The departure of two high-power business magnates less than 20 days into Trump’s presidency sends a clear message to the new administration: sensible, liberal Americans will not support any business that has ties to an administration that is hell-bent on oppressing and shaming immigrants.

This must be especially troubling for a President that has built his entire image around being a successful businessman. How can Trump’s supporters still believe that he’s a savvy deal-maker when leaders of companies far more innovative and successful than Trump’s are leaving him in droves?

By forcing the CEOs of these companies to back out of Trump’s economic advisory panel, protesting Americans around the country have earned a huge victory in the ongoing battle to resist the new administration. If nothing else, the events of this convey one clear message: Americans who continue to value liberty and equality will not be silenced, and these efforts of resistance will have serious and immediate consequences for the Trump administration as long as they pursue regressive and demeaning policies.

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Source: Business Insider



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