Trump Is In Full Panic Mode After Discovering Who’s Going to Testify Next in Russia Investigation

The House Intelligence Committee has asked former White House strategist and Trump campaign aide Steve Bannon and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to testify before lawmakers probing Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, Bloomberg reports.

According to the report, both Bannon and Lewandowski were mailed letters by the Intel Committee this week calling on them to testify before the panel in January.

The report notes that neither man has responded to the committee’s invitation. The committee did not subpoena them, but rather asked for a “voluntary interview” in the committee office, likely behind closed doors.

The letter does not mention what specifically they will be questioned about.

Bannon worked as a liaison between Cambridge Analytica, a data firm hired by the Trump campaign whose CEO met with the committee earlier this month about his attempts to work with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to get stolen Hillary Clinton emails.

Bannon was also Trump’s chief strategist when the president fired FBI Director James Comey, which many Democrats have called a clear attempt to obstruct justice. Comey was leading the FBI’s investigation into Russian ties to Trump officials at the time.

Lewandowski, who was Trump’s campaign manager for nearly a year before he was replaced by Paul Manafort, was named as the campaign official who campaign foreign adviser Carter Page said gave him permission to travel to Moscow where he met with Russian officials.

Page’s testimony to Congress contradicted Lewandowski’s claims. He told USA Today, “I’m very clear about this… I granted nobody permission to do that.”

According to USA Today, Lewandowski “both denied granting Page permission to travel to Moscow in his capacity as a private individual and also said he couldn’t remember whether he had or not” and “gave a litany of contradictory answers about Page’s involvement in the campaign.”

In an interview with Fox News after Page’s testimony, Lewandowski claimed he simply forgot he gave permission to the aide to travel to Moscow because it was Father’s Day.

“You have to remember, in the context of the campaign world––now, my memory has been refreshed, but to be clear, from what I understand and what I recall, that email was sent on June 19th of 2016, so about 18 months ago,” Lewandowski said. “It also happened to be Father’s Day on a Sunday, and it also happened to be the day prior to me being terminated from the campaign, so with all due respect, there were many other things on my mind that day other than trying to understand why a volunteer was telling me he may or may not be traveling outside the country.”

“What I now recall is seeing that email, it has been brought back to my attention,” Lewandowski said. “I didn’t recall it at the time. All I was clear about was, if you are going to travel, please do not pretend to be part of the campaign and say that you are part of the campaign because you are not,” he continued.”



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