Trump Impeachment Seems Inevitable After Scope of FBI Russia Probe Revealed

Democrats around the country could be in for a pleasant surprise in the next few weeks, as media personalities have all but started to guarantee that Donald Trump is going to be impeached. Specifically, MSNBC’s Morning Joe indicated that he believes Trump’s presidency is “already sunk”, and for good reason: it’s seeming more and more likely that Trump has been lying about his connections to Russia.

As more and more details are released about the FBI’s current probe of Trump’s possible communications with the Kremlin, the President should be quite worried. His soft stance on Russia and unwillingness to comment on Vladimir Putin’s autocratic or expansionist ideologies might be off-putting and flat out strange coming from the leader of a liberal democracy, but on their face, they are not illegal. That could be about to change, however, if the FBI is able to come up with evidence that Trump has communicated with Russian officials.

Trump shakes hands with Putin, a man he denies having any political connections to.

The communication itself might very well constitute treason- clearly, Russo-American tensions are still simmering from the cold war, and after the imposition of harsh sanctions following Putin’s annexation of Crimea, the nations are the furthest thing from friends. The United States and Russia have also fallen on opposite sides of the Syrian conflict, with Russia continuing to support the autocratic and abusive Assad regime while the United States aided Syrian rebels under Obama.

In the face of these tensions, then, Trump’s attitude towards Russia has left many in Washington scratching their heads, as there is likely something fishy going on. In order to get to the bottom of this, five intelligence agencies have launched an extensive and multilateral probe into Trump’s connections with Russia. Until recently, it’s been hard to determine what the probe will uncover, or even where these agencies are focusing, but a recent Reuters report has made one thing clear: Trump should be very, very worried.

The FBI has dispatched the resources of multiple field offices to this investigation, making it a landmark national effort. Specifically, offices in Pittsburg are investigating the Democratic National Committee hacks that have been widely attributed to Russian agents, while FBI officers in San Francisco are hunting down the group responsible for hacking the email account of Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta.

If either of these thorough investigations uncovers any connection between Russia and Trump, it is clear that he will face impeachment. Even if the potentially treasonous actions weren’t enough to get him kicked out of the Oval Office, his lying certainly would be: he has openly claimed to have no direct connections to Russia on multiple occasions, both throughout his campaign and after he took office.

Bill Clinton was impeached for misleading the American people in a similar way, and Democrats around the country should hold out hope that history is about to repeat itself. Donald Trump and his cronies need to be reminded that the Presidency carries with it an important responsibility to be open and honest with the American people. If you think that Trump should be impeached if these investigations uncover any connections to Russia, please share this article with your friends in order to make people aware of this potentially Presidency-ending development.


Source: Reuters



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