Trump Fires Comey in Desperate Attempt to Avoid Impeachment

Earlier this week, Donald Trump took what ought to be his final step towards authoritarianism and fear-politics, as at this point, it is difficult to argue against impeaching him. The issue at hand, of course, is Jim Comey’s widely publicized dismissal from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, where he served as director throughout Obama and the beginning of Trump’s presidencies. The White House unceremoniously announced that Comey would no longer be serving as part of the FBI, and gave a three-page laundry list of reasons why. This list, authored by Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice, mentions everything except the one REAL reason Comey was fired: his involvement in the ongoing Russian investigations.

It’s no secret that the FBI has been looking into Trump’s connections with Russia over the past few months. In addition to the ongoing House and Senate investigations concerning Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any possible coordination between the Trump campaign and these Russian efforts, Comey has stated on multiple occasions that the FBI is looking into a vast array of potentially criminal connections between Trump and the Kremlin.

There is, after all, a long list of shady potential connections between the two. Michael Flynn was forced to resign from Trump’s cabinet after only a few weeks on the job due to his connections to illegal Russian donations, and Trump’s ex-campaign adviser Paul Manafort has received millions of dollars from the Kremlin through shady shell companies. Jared Kushner, another Trump insider, has had multiple meetings with Russian officials, and Jeff Sessions stands accused of perjury due to his secret meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Lavrov.

Truly, it’s beginning to seem like EVERYONE in the Trump White House is connected to Russia in some fashion. Obviously, with this many potentially criminal connections to the Kremlin floating around the White House, it was Comey’s job to look into it. Unfortunately, however, Donald Trump cares more about his own reputation and protecting his friends than he cares about the law, and decided to sack Comey simply to impede these investigations.

Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey due to his role in the ongoing Russia investigations.

Comey, after all, should have seen this coming after he discredited Trump’s widely mocked wiretapping conspiracy, claiming that the FBI never wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election cycle while Obama was president. Given Trump’s well-known inability to handle any sort of criticism, Comey should have foreseen that the President would react like a child, throwing a tantrum and firing him for speaking the truth.

If you agree that Trump cannot leverage the presidency to fire people who criticize him or are investigating his ties to Russia, please share this message with your family and friends on Facebook. The American people deserve the truth about Trump’s Russia connections, and Trump needs to know that firing Comey won’t stand in the way of these important investigations.



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