Trump Fans Just Got Called Out For Using Dirty NBA Secret To ‘Inflate’ Trump Rally Numbers

It’s no secret that Trump suffers from a series of debilitating psychosis, one of which is his pathetically thick skin and subsequent constant need for affirmation. This quality has caused him and his staff to commit a number of embarrassing gaffes, beginning with the day of his inauguration, on which Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway first debuted the term “alternative facts” in regards to the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd.

Claiming that Trump’s crowd was one of the largest in history, members of his administration were embarrassed when aerial photos were shared online showing that Trump’s crowd was far smaller than Obama’s.

In an even more ridiculous attempt to spread misinformation, Trump supporters have now been attempting to share a fake photo online in order to mislead people around the country as to the size of his recent “campaign rally” in Phoenix, AZ. Trump appeared there in order to have his supporters stroke his ego, but apparently, turnout wasn’t so great, as his fans have been forced to share a photo of the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers parade as opposed to the rally itself.

This is how Trump fans have been trying to push this image on social media…

Yikes. Apparently, Trump fans can’t even get the region of their fake information right: it’s harder to imagine two cities more different than Phoenix and Cleveland. In fact, most of the people in the picture being shared probably didn’t even vote for Trump in the last election. Cuyahoga County, the county in which Cleveland is situated, was the county in Ohio that went most decidedly to Hillary in the most recent election.

…and this is the real caption for the picture.

Whether Trump fans are actually blind enough to believe any photo that comes across their Twitter feed or they simply feel the need to share something, anything to justify their support for this quickly failing President, their hypocrisy is astounding.

These are the same individuals that have been railing against “fake news” for months now, refusing to watch anything not explicitly endorsed by Trump, which consists almost entirely of Fox News.

It’s sad enough that Trump is so worried about the 2020 election that he’s having campaign rallies in 2017, but it’s even sadder that he and his supporters feel the need to lie about the size of those rallies. As usual, the best response to Republican lies is to simply share the truth and disprove them.



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