Trump Faces Career-Low Approval Ratings After Lukewarm and Delayed Response to Charlottesville Nazi Terror

Thanks to the many miracles of modern technology, state of the art polling firms are able to track the President’s current approval rating on a day-by-day basis and provide a constant reading of how the country feels about its leadership.

Obviously, when it comes to Trump, these numbers tend to simply remain low from one day to the next, continuing to show something that everyone’s known since the elections: a majority of Americans oppose Donald Trump.

After his complete and total mishandling of the White House response to the Charlottesville domestic terrorist attack, however, these popularity ratings have fallen lower than ever before.

As of Monday, Trump’s disapproval rating skyrocketed to 61%, while his approval rating is at an all-time low of 34%. Usually, when a President has a career-low approval rating, it’s the result of a tragedy that occurred as a result of their direct decision; to enter into a war that’s widely opposed, for instance.

In Trump’s case, it’s even worse, as he could have completely prevented this drop in popularity. It’s not like the American people were asking a tremendous amount of him: all he had to do was oppose neo-Nazis and fascists, and label their actions domestic terrorism.

This was something that Jeff Sessions had no trouble doing, despite the fact that he was a fervent opponent of the 1964 Civil Rights movement, and many members of the Republican party immediately did the same.

The only one who needed three full days to consider whether or not he could oppose the KKK was Donald Trump.

The Gallup daily poll that shows Trump’s all-time low approval ratings.

In the end, Trump eventually did denounce these individuals. While many of his supporters have immediately rushed to point this out, they’re missing the larger picture: there’s no reason it should have taken this long.

All his too-late response proves is that he can still be manhandled and controlled by the Republican establishment, as the amount of time that elapsed between the event and his response was long enough to show that he didn’t make such a statement without putting up a fight.

Truly, this is an issue that goes beyond party politics. After all, his disapproval rating is at 61%, and the country certainly isn’t 61% Democratic. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can all agree on the simple truth that Nazism is bad.

In the context of how much current society knows about the horrors of WWII and the Holocaust thanks to the work of historians, its unfathomable that Trump would hold out on making a statement purely to salvage some political capital with these monstrous people.

Americans recognize that, and it shows in his most recent approval numbers. Trump’s statement came FAR too late, and these numbers prove that it won’t be enough to save face.

If you agree, and think that it’s time for Congress to finally act on their impeachment threats, please like and share this message. This has to be the last straw for Trump’s administration.



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