Trump Desperate to Defend Wiretapping Claims, Cites Irrelevant and Exaggerated Fox & Friends Report

It’s no secret that Donald Trump religiously watches tons of Fox News, and regularly parrots the talking points of Fox News pundits both during press conferences and on Twitter. Apparently, the President of the United States would rather get breaking news from a group of talk show hosts on Fox & Friends than from his intelligence reports, as he makes time for television every day but can’t muster the energy to read short Central Intelligence Agency reports.

Far from being embarrassed about this strange obsession with Fox News, Donald Trump has continued to brag about it to basically anyone who will listen. In one of his classic Twitter rants, Trump openly praised a Fox & Friends report that he twisted to validate the baseless and misleading wiretapping claims that he made over a month ago.

Despite the fact that a multitude of intelligence leaders and legal experts have come out to say that there’s no way Barack Obama ever ordered wiretaps against Trump, Trump has continued to try to justify these claims. Even after James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, swore under oath that nobody in the FBI ever wiretapped Trump, the President and his administration have continued to flounder as they attempt to somehow justify these lies.

The latest attempt to do so comes in the form of yet another brazen praising of Fox News, as Trump highlights a recent Fox & Friends piece in which he claims that Fox presents evidence that his claims were true. In fact, this is not the case at all, and the evidence presented by Fox is not only irrelevant to Trump’s wiretapping claims but largely exaggerated and unverified.

Trump’s obsession with Fox & Friends has finally come back to haunt him, as he cited a completely irrelevant and inaccurate article this morning.

The entire article rests on a tiny shred of evidence, which is that one intelligence official working in Obama’s White House asked for some individuals associated with Trump’s campaign team to be named in intelligence reports. It’s pretty easy to list out all of the ways in which this has absolutely nothing to do with Trump’s wiretapping claims:

  1. There’s no evidence that Rice ever requested Trump himself to be named, and the entire basis of Trump’s claims was that he was personally victimized.
  2. These requests only asked that the individuals in question be named in reports, and do not at all justify the assertion that Trump or anyone he worked with was ever singled out and wiretapped.
  3. Trump’s attack was specifically directed at President Barack Obama, and there’s absolutely no evidence that he had anything to do with these naming requests.

Clearly, Fox News picked up on a minor story that they thought they could use to attack Obama’s administration, and Trump was happy to jump on board. As usual, the news being pushed by Trump is misleading, irrelevant, and a waste of time for anyone who bothered to read it. Please share this article with friends and family on Facebook to expose Trump’s most recent attempt to distract the American people from his wiretapping lies, and make sure that Democrats around the country remain informed by actual news sites, not the biased material being pushed by Fox.



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