Trump Claims Collusion is ‘Not a Crime,’ Then Insists There Was ‘No Collusion’ 16 Times in Outrageous Interview

President Donald Trump really wants you to know that there was “no collusion” between his campaign and Russia, bringing it up 16 times during a 30-minute interview with The New York Times.

Trump gave the Times a rare impromptu interview at Mar-a-Lago Thursday and, with no aides present, it was as untethered to reality as you may imagine.

Though much of the interview was unfiltered babble, Trump made it a point to repeatedly return to the point that there was “no collusion.”

“I think it’s all worked out because frankly there is absolutely no collusion, that’s been proven by every Democrat is saying it,” Trump claimed, despite no Democrat saying it has been proven in any way that there was no collusion.

“Virtually every Democrat has said there is no collusion,” he repeated, falsely. “And even these committees that have been set up… Some of the congressmen have been unbelievable in pointing out what a witch hunt the whole thing is. So, I think it’s been proven that there is no collusion.”

Asked what he expects to come from the Mueller probe, Trump replied, “I have no expectation. I can only tell you that there is absolutely no collusion. Everybody knows it. And you know who knows it better than anybody? The Democrats. They walk around blinking at each other.”

“I hope that he’s going to be fair,” Trump said of Mueller. “I think that he’s going to be fair. And based on that… There’s been no collusion. But I think he’s going to be fair. And if he’s fair — because everybody knows the answer already.”

“Everybody knows the answer already. There was no collusion. None whatsoever,” he repeated.

Asked about Paul Manafort’s indictment, Trump insisted that he only worked for him for “three and a half months” but worked for other Republicans for longer periods of time.

“Three and a half months,” he said. “So, that’s that. Let’s just say — I think that Bob Mueller will be fair, and everybody knows that there was no collusion.”

“I saw Dianne Feinstein the other day on television saying there is no collusion,” he claimed, even though she never said that. Feinstein said the committee has not seen evidence of collusion but continues to investigate.

“She’s the head of the committee,” he said, even though she isn’t because all the committees are run by Republicans who are the majority.

“The Republicans, in terms of the House committees, they come out, they’re so angry because there is no collusion. So, I actually think that it’s turning out — I actually think it’s turning to the Democrats because there was collusion on behalf of the Democrats. There was collusion with the Russians and the Democrats. A lot of collusion,” he claimed, falsely.

“There was tremendous collusion on behalf of the Russians and the Democrats,” he repeated, even though this is just a dumb lie. “There was no collusion with respect to my campaign. I think I’ll be treated fairly. Timingwise, I can’t tell you.”

Trump then said the investigation into his ties to Russia is “bad for the country” before adding again, falsely, “there is tremendous collusion with the Russians and with the Democratic Party. Including all of the stuff with the — and then whatever happened to the Pakistani guy, that had the two, you know, whatever happened to this Pakistani guy who worked with the D.N.C.?”

He didn’t stop there, bringing up Democratic lawyer Alan Dershowitz to back his claim that there was no collusion.

“I watched Alan Dershowitz the other day, he said, No. 1, there is no collusion, No. 2, collusion is not a crime, but even if it was a crime, there was no collusion,” Trump said. “And he said that very strongly. He said there was no collusion. And he has studied this thing very closely. I’ve seen him a number of times. There is no collusion, and even if there was, it’s not a crime. But there’s no collusion. I don’t even say [inaudible]. I don’t even go that far.”

Collusion is a crime, but it’s not called collusion, it’s called conspiracy against the United States.



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