Trump Blatantly Disrespects Veterans, Lies About Golfing During VA Talks

Earlier this week, the media was shocked to find out that Trump’s Secretary of Veteran Affairs wouldn’t be attending the President’s upcoming conference on the issues facing veterans in the United States. Following these meetings, however, it would appear that the truth is far worse: in addition to excluding the experts and department heads who would be able to offer salient and valuable advice, Trump might not have even had the meetings at all.

Instead, social media activity conducted by the people in attendance at these meetings indicate that it’s possible that the President and his billionaire friends elected to play golf all day instead. That’s right: as opposed to thinking of creative solutions to the vast array of problems facing United States military personnel after they finish their service, the President would rather get in a few quick rounds of golf with CEOs that have deep pockets.

Veterans depend on the VA department for job assistance, healthcare, and a variety of other services, so this is a huge slap in the face to many of the brave Americans who volunteered to serve in the military. These veterans deserve a president who puts their interests first, not one who plays golf and lies about it.

Specifically, Trump’s official press release about his schedule for the day and the activities reported by the group of reporters covering the event contain some embarrassing and troubling discrepancies. Trump left Mar-a-Lago for the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach earlier that morning, for what were purportedly a series of talks about the state of Veterans Affairs in the United States. The evidence, however, makes it seem far more likely that Trump spent the day casually golfing as opposed to confronting these serious issues.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, was not at Trump’s Veterans Affairs meeting in Florida this weekend.

First, Trump’s visit to the Trump International Golf Club lasted about 4.5 hours, and it takes the average group of four adults four hours to finish a round of golf. While normally, this might seem circumstantial and even possibly coincidental, Trump’s history of lying about how much golf he’d play as President makes it hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The most embarrassing evidence against Trump in this case, however, comes in the form of a picture posted to Twitter by Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy. Ruddy posted a selfie of himself with Trump, flashing smiles and a thumbs up at the camera. Hardly the attitude one might have on their face after discussing the somber issue of how to treat the wounded warriors returning home after serving in the military, but that’s not even the worst thing about this photo.


<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

.@realDonaldTrump with @pgflaherty and Max Kramer at Trump International Golf West Palm today!

— Christopher Ruddy (@ChrisRuddyNMX) March 18, 2017


A quick look at Trump’s outfit would convince anyone that he had just finished golfing. Sporting a golf polo, golf glove, and dress pants, everything about Trump’s outfit indicated he had just walked off the course. When finally confronted about it, a White House spokesperson admitted that “he might have hit a few balls”. What a disgrace.

If you agree, and think that something like Veteran Affairs is too important to be blown off over a quick round of golf, please share this message with your friends and family on Facebook. Trump can’t be allowed to simply lie his way out of every one of his responsibilities, and it’s time for Americans to start holding him responsible.

Source: Daily Kos



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