Trump Attacks NFL Players on Twitter to Distract From His Disgusting ‘Disrespect’ of Military Families

President Donald Trump spent the morning tweeting about the NFL and Hillary Clinton as he tries to distract the public from his despicable remarks to and about military families Wednesday.

On Monday, Trump complained that soldiers dying is “tough” on him after he stayed silent for nearly two weeks on the deaths of four Green Berets who were ambushed in Niger.

Trump then used the moment to attack President Obama, falsely claiming that he and other past presidents did not call the families of fallen soldiers like he does.

On Tuesday, Trump called the widow of La David Johnson. He reportedly “did not know his name” and “sarcastically,” told her that Johnson “knew what he signed up for.”

Trump denied he made the comment, saying the Democratic congresswoman who heard the call “totally fabricated what I said.” Johnson’s mother told The Washington Post that Trump “disrespected” her family on the call.

Trump spent most of his morning tweeting about the NFL and election nonsense from a year ago in a blatant attempt to distract from his own moral ineptitude.

“The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem,” Trump tweeted. “Total disrespect for our great country!”

Trump had insisted that the NFL create a new rule forcing players to stand, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters Tuesday that the league never asked the players union to consider such a rule.

“We did not ask for that,” Goodell said “We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to — issues to make our communities better.”

Trump also played the greatest hits of Republican victimhood, claiming that fired FBI Director James Comey “lied and leaked” to help Hillary Clinton in an election that was decided nearly a year ago.

“Wow, FBI confirms report that James Comey drafted letter exonerating Crooked Hillary Clinton long before investigation was complete,” Trump tweeted. “Many people not interviewed, including Clinton herself. Comey stated under oath that he didn’t do this-obviously a fix? Where is Justice Dept?”

“As it has turned out, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton,” he later added. “He was the best thing that ever happened to her!”

Again, the election was nearly a year ago, a point that cannot be stressed enough.

Trump’s suggestion that Comey was in any way protecting Clinton is laughable, given that he gave a brutal statement condemning her use of a private email server when he announced there would be no charges, then reopened the investigation into the server days before the election.

More so, while Trump is right that there was a draft written for Comey’s statement on the investigation before the FBI had interviewed Clinton and several others, The Washington Post reports “ that by early May, investigators had done the bulk of their investigative work and did not expect to file criminal charges in connection with the email server investigation.”

Trump has repeatedly brought up Comey to insinuate that there was an effort to rig the system in Clinton’s favor, when in reality, the only investigations still ongoing are into whether he and his team knowingly colluded with Russia. In fact, he’s under investigation for obstruction of justice for his firing of Comey.



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