Trump Appointee Caught Plagiarizing Masters Thesis, Making Racist Remarks During Campaign

Apparently dissatisfied with his record of blatant corruption, conflicts of interest concerning his businesses, and flagrant lies, Trump has now extended his resume of embarrassments to include something so ridiculous it’s almost comical: academic dishonesty. A major Trump appointee, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, has recently been found by CNN to have plagiarized large portions of his thesis on homeland security. Apparently, Trump is fond of appointing people of his own ilk: those with a record of lying that stretches back to the beginnings of their academic careers.

Sheriff Clarke was appointed to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, which makes his plagiarism all the more ironic: the person that Trump wanted to entrust with a major responsibility in defending the United States was unable to write an original paper on defending the United States. You might think that after studying for a Masters degree in security at the Naval Postgraduate School, Clarke would be able to come up with his own original ideas concerning homeland security, but CNN cited 47 examples of blatant plagiarism in his Masters degree thesis.

This is not Clarke’s first time entering the spotlight for negative reasons and embarrassing Trump. It’s hard to forget the incredibly violent nature of Trump’s rallies, as they often devolved into mobs of people beating up and kicking out minorities while chanting anti-Democrat and sexist slogans, and Clarke had a hand to play in inciting this violence. In fact, Clarke threatened to strangle Democrats, saying he’d like to “grab them by the throat”, and stands accused of overseeing the prison stay of an inmate who died of dehydration.

CNN called out Trump appointee Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke for blatantly plagiarizing his thesis.

Clarke has also attacked progressive movements that have taken place during his tenure as Sheriff of Milwaukee County, calling the Black Lives Matter movement “Black Lies Matter”. This is especially salient and disturbing given his position of power as a member of the police force. The fact that Clarke feels it appropriate to attack a movement against police brutality when he himself is a police officer, as well as his statements implying a desire to commit violence against Democrats, make it doubtful that he could have served as a productive member of the federal government.

Someone like Clarke, who has made statements equally offensive as Trump, while espousing the president’s own quasi-racist and violent ideologies, should not be allowed to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security. This, combined with the fact that he couldn’t even write an original thesis, should completely disqualify him from the role. If you agree that Trump should not be allowed to appoint such a dangerous and unfit candidate, please share this article with your family and friends on Facebook to let them know exactly how bad Clarke would be.



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