Trump Adviser Pushes Conspiracy Theory, Claims Minnesota Mosque Attacks Orchestrated by Democrats

On Saturday, the entire nation was horrifies to learn that a mosque in Minnesota had been the victim of a terrorist attack. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the attack, but it served  as a harsh reminder than hate and terror are alive and well in Trump’s America, and that people of color and members of the Islamic faith are in greater danger than other segments of the population.

As of yet, there has been almost no headway in finding out who is responsible for this attack despite the fact that the Council on American-Islamic Relations has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the bomber’s apprehension by local or federal authorities. Equally disturbing as the lack of progress in this investigation, however, has been the White House’s total failure to comment on this tragedy despite the fact that Trump has been constantly active on social media since it occurred.

Early Tuesday, a representative from Trump’s administration appeared on MSNBC’s  program Live with Velshi and Ruhle in order to attempt to defend the President’s failure to comment. Sebastian Gorka, who serves as an adviser to Trump and is well known as a neo-Nazi sympathizer, appeared on the program and doubled down on Trump’s silence.

Sebastian Gorka, who has expressed sympathy for neo-Nazi groups in Eastern Europe in the past, appeared on MSNBC to defend Trump.

Instead of simply admitting that failing to comment was a mistake, Gorka insinuated that the attack was a left-wing conspiracy, and that Trump knew exactly what he was doing. You can read a transcript of the exchange below:

Ruhle: Let’s talk about different kind of partners, the mosque in Minneapolis that was attacked. We heard the governor calling it a terror attack over the weekend. Will the white house be commenting on it?

Gorka: When we have some kind of finalized investigation, absolutely. So, there’s a great rule, all initial reports are false, you have to check them and find out who the perpetrators are. We have had a series of crimes, alleged hate crimes, committed by right wing individuals in the last six months that turned out to be propagated by the left. Let’s allow the local authorities to provide their assessment and then the white house will make its comments.

Ruhle: But the president commented on an attack that toopgs in London a couple of months ago before we had additional information confirming exactly what happened.

Gorka: Well, sometimes an attack is unequivocally clear for what it is, when someone shouts as they are stabbing a police officer, it’s pretty clear it’s not a case of a mafia robbing the bank.

There are a multitude of problems with Gorka’s responses here, but let’s point out the most heinous one first: the idea that Trump and his White House are trying to paint this as a leftist conspiracy. The fact that they would leverage a terrorist attack for political gain is disgusting. It doesn’t matter if the person who committed the attack was a right-wing lunatic or a crazed communist sympathizer; the President of the United States should still condemn an act of terror.

Ruhle also points out that despite his motto of “America First”, Trump seems to care more about the terrorist attack in London than one that occurred on United States soil. This is flagrant hypocrisy at its best, and Trump needs to be called out for it. If you agree that it’s time for the White House to release a statement NOW, please like and share this message in order to expose his failure to do so.



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