Trump Administration in HUGE Trouble as ex-Attorney General Steps Forward to Testify on Russia

In the wake of Trump’s disastrous foreign policy moves recently, the ongoing investigations into his Russian connections and potential manipulation of the 2016 presidential election cycle have gotten less media coverage. The investigations, however, are still well underway, and based on the ever-growing list of bombshell testimonies, it’s looking like they could spell disaster for Trump and his administration.

Former and current Trump associates have come forward and been called to the stand to testify before the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. So far, Marco Rubio took the stand to describe the attempts by Russian agents to hack his campaign’s confidential data, and Trump adviser Jared Kushner’s explanation of his shady ties to a Russian bank executive only served to further arouse suspicion.

Most notably, the Senate decided not to take Trump’s disgraced ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn up on his offer to testify in exchange for immunity from any criminal charges that might result from this investigation. That means two things: first, that Flynn is worried enough about these hearings to ask for immunity, and second, that Congress is confident enough in the witnesses they already have to not need Flynn’s input. Clearly, the Trump administration has good reason to be worried.

The most recent witness to step forward has a good reason for wanting to out Trump’s connections to Russia, as his administration outright fired her for doing her job. Sally Yates, who acted as Attorney General during the early days of the Trump administration, was fired for refusing to enforce his unconstitutional travel ban. As acting Attorney General, Yates was bound by the duties of her office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and in refusing to enforce Trump’s ban, was doing exactly that.

Sally Yates, who was fired for bravely opposing Trump’s unconstitutional travel ban, will testify on the administration’s connections to Russia.

Trump, however, reacted in his usual fashion, throwing a tantrum and rejecting criticism instead of realizing that his executive order was racist and deeply flawed. The Justice Department fired Yates, and accused her of “betraying the administration”, when in fact it was the administration that betrayed the American people by refusing to follow the Constitution.

Now, however, Yates is being given a chance to fight back against Trump and his associates. She’ll testify at an open hearing concerning the White House’s connections to Russian agents. She’ll appear on May 2nd, and be joined by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who made headlines last month when he publicly denounced Trump’s absurd wiretapping conspiracy.

Hopefully, the testimonies of these bombshell witnesses will help reveal the truth about the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia during the 2016 election. If you agree that it’s time for the American people to learn how Trump manipulated the election, please share this message with your family and friends on Facebook, and celebrate what is hopefully a nail in the coffin of the Trump administration’s disastrous time in the White House.




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