‘Thin-Skinned, Sexist, Racist’: New Poll Lets Voters Personally Criticize Trump and Oh Boy Is It Messy

American voters disagree with President Donald Trump on his key positions, and many also find him personally repulsive, according to a new poll.

A Morning Consult/Politico poll of nearly 2,000 voters found that at least 50 percent of Americans find the president “reckless,” “think-skinned,” and “sexist.”

Forty-five percent of voters believe Trump is “racist” while just 39 percent believe he’s a “strong leader” and a mere 35 percent said he’s honest.

It only gets worse. Just 34 percent of voters think he keeps his promises and “cares about people like me.” Only 33 percent of voters find him “compassionate” and “stable.”

It’s worth noting that the poll shows that 42 percent of registered voters approve of the job he’s doing, which means a significant number of people who approve don’t mind that he’s not “stable” or “honest.”

“As we have seen in past polls, most voters, 56 percent, say President Trump is reckless, while 31 percent disagree,” said Morning Consult co-founder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. “Even among Republicans, 33 percent think this is an accurate characterization — notably higher than the percentage of Republicans that disapprove of the president overall, 20 percent.”

The polls suggest voters share much of the criticism lobbed at Trump in recent days by retiring Republican Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Flake gave a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday to denounce the party’s silence and complicity amid Trump’s “reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior.”

“We must stop pretending that the degradation of our politics and the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal,” he said, adding that Trump is “dangerous to our democracy.”

“What happens if stability fails to assert itself in the face of chaos and instability?” he asked. “If decency fails to call out indecency?”

“We must never meekly accept… the personal attacks, threats against principles, freedoms, and institutions,” he said. “Anger and resentment are not a governing philosophy.”

“None of this is normal,” he added.

Corker also made the round to criticize Trump after the president launched into a morning-long Twitter tirade rife with false allegations against him.

Corker told CNN he regretted supporting Trump during the campaign and said the president has “great difficulty with the truth.”

Corker said Trump is “debasing” the country and has “proven himself unable to rise to the occasion.”

“I think the things that are happening right now that are harmful to our nation, whether it’s the breaking down of — we are going to be doing hearings on some of the things that he purposely is breaking down — relationships we have around the world that have been useful to our nation,” he said. “But I think at the end of the day, when his term is over, I think the debasing of our nation, the constant non-truth telling, just the name-calling … I think the debasement of our nation will be what he’ll be remembered most for, and that’s regretful.”



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