The Numbers Don’t Lie: Trump is The Most Hated New President EVER to Take Office

The first quantification of the work approval ratings of the America’s new president, Donald Trump has indicated that his subjects are so much divided over his performances. This comes barely less than a week of President Trump’s stay in his Oval Office.

The ratings are at 45% of those who are approving the way he has handled the job, with those who are disapproving his first week in office at the same percentage.

In the modern polling era, it can be said that Mr. Trump is starting his work as the president with the lowest first approval ratings. However, it can be noted that the initial approval ratings of Mr. Trump have improved from the low reviews that his presidential transition had been given by the Americans.

Despite all that, the ratings are still very low compared to that of the previous presidents. This is a clear sign that Mr. Donald Trump has ascended to power without the Americans support that others had received.

The approval of his predecessor, Barrack Obama in 2009 January was 67%, while George Bush was in 2001 at 57%. In 1993 when Bill Clinton came to power, his approval percentage was 58%, while George h.w. Bush’s approval in 1989 was 51 percent. Ronald Reagan shared the same percentage in 1981 when he came to power.

Other former presidents were as follows, Jimmy Carter, 1977-66%, Richard Nixon, 1969-59%, John Kennedy, 1961-72%, and Dwayne Eisenhower, 1953-68%.

The initial approval rating of Donald Trump is even lower than that of Gerald Ford, 71%, and Lyndon Johnson, 78%, the two presidents who came to power as a result of resignation and assassination of their predecessors.

This first approval rating of President Donald Trump is even in contrast with his predecessor’s last score before he exits the Oval Office. 59% of Americans, who were surveyed just as Obama was about to hand over power to Donald Trump, said they approved his job performance.

The numbers don’t lie…




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