The LA Times Just Listed All of Trump’s Authoritarian Behaviors in a MUST READ Editorial

It’s a mystery as to why Trump keeps taking swings at the media, because every time the media swings back, they win. Trump has gotten absolutely trashed by respected publications such as the New York Times and Washington Post, but some of the most effective criticism of Trump has come in the form of devastating editorials in the Los Angeles Times.

The Los Angels Times has posted three back-to-back scathing reviews of Trump as a President, and they’re saying what Democrats all over the country have been thinking for the past three months. The most recent of these editorials, however, carries by far the most striking message. Instead of directly criticizing Trump’s actions in a vacuum, which is easy to do because these actions are so absurd, the LA times went one step further and drew the terrifying ideological parallel between Trump’s attitude and authoritarianism.

Trump has been compared to authoritarian leaders in the past, to shocking efficacy. A prominent Yale historian flat-out called Trump’s policies authoritarian earlier this month, and an especially poignant testimony by a Holocaust survivor painted Trump’s deportation platform as terrifyingly Nazi-like. The LA Times, however, takes this comparison a step further, and points out specific Trump actions that make his authoritarian goals obvious.

The first example pointed out by the LA Times is Trump’s ongoing “feud with the courts”. The LA Times makes a great point: even though Presidents often don’t get along with court decisions, that’s a natural and organic part of the checks and balances system in American government. The Executive and Judicial branches don’t always need to degree, but they do need to maintain at least a semblance of respect for one another.

This is not the case in Trump’s administration. He has outright denounced well-respected judges as illegitimate when they disagree with his boldly unconstitutional executive orders, specifically in regards to his disastrous immigration ban. Instead of simply making it clear that he disagrees with these judges, Trump flirts with authoritarian dictatorship when he begins to attempt to undermine the way they’re perceived as a legitimate aspect of government.

Untied States District Court Judge Derrick Watson is one of the justices who blocked Trump’s unconstitutional immigration ban.

The LA Times also points out how Trump incessantly attacks the electoral process, and uses fabricated and unjustified claims of illegal voting in order to advocate for oppressive voter-ID efforts. Trump also consistently attacks the credibility of the media and intelligence agencies, and the LA Times points out how these attempts make himself the sole source of information for his constituents is blatantly authoritarian.

The LA Times makes some other shocking points, and you can read the whole article here. The best thing that Democrats can do to fight back against this type of authoritarian behavior, however, is remain informed and continue to spread the effort of resistance. If you agree, please share this article with your family and friends on Facebook, so that Democrats around the country know exactly the type of pseudo-dictator they’re up against.



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