Taxpayers Demand To Know Who’s Paying For Trump’s New “Real News” Propaganda Machine

Last week, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Lara Trump posted a video to Trump’s official Facebook page, delivering what she called “real news.” The video, which drew criticisms for being blatant propaganda and incredibly biased in favor of Trump, was strangely reminiscent of programming seen in parts of the world like Russia and China, in which authoritarian leaders mandate friendly state-sponsored programming.

Calling the video “real news” only served to exacerbate these comparisons, as Trump was implying that only news approved directly by him is legitimate. Instead of realizing that he’d been caught propagandizing and spreading lies, however, Trump doubled down on the creation of a dictatorial and possibly state-sponsored news media when he published the first episode of his new “Real News” segment to his Facebook on Sunday.

The video, which has since been viewed over 1,000,000 times, features ex-CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany, and is full of the same lies that the video originally posted by Lara Trump contained. McEnany starts by listing off a slew of economic indicators that Trump takes responsibility for, such as low unemployment figures and a growing GDP, despite the fact that these trends are the result of Obama-era policies that Trump and other Republicans are fighting to undermine.

Obviously, however, this hasn’t stopped him from taking credit for Obama’a achievements while constantly disparaging the previous administration. McEnany was also happy to help spread Trump’s lies, reiterating the false claim that immigrants depress wages despite the fact that this belief has little ground in economic theory.

The video is also prefaced by the image of the Trump campaign logo and ended with a picture of him at a rally, painting a disturbing picture of an authoritarian leader obsessed with building a cult of personality.

Take a look at just how absurd this Trump propaganda is.

This attitude is what has drawn the attention of experts of authoritarian behavior in the past. Holocaust survivors have accused Trump of behaviors mimicking those they witnessed in Nazi Germany, and ivy-league historians have called Trump’s behavior terrifyingly authoritarian.

After seeing this latest video, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama Michael McFaul claimed that the video is “like so many state-owned channels I’ve watched in other countries.”

Trump needs to understand that his infatuation with Putin and flirtations with authoritarianism have gone far enough. He cannot turn the United States into a country that relies on state-sponsored journalism as a propaganda machine, and he needs to respect the independence of the press.

If you agree, please like and share this message in order to expose this video for what it is: the propaganda of a failing president who wishes he was a dictator.



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