State Departments Lets Immigrants with Visas into U.S. in Massive Act of Defiance Against Trump

After an entire week of watching Trump and his cronies pursue regressive, oppressive and dangerous policy, it’s nice to be able to finally report some good news coming out of the White House. It would appear that some people in Trump’s administration are willing to stand up to him and fight for what’s right, and that’s exactly what the leaders of the State Department and Department of Homeland Security did this weekend.

Pursuant the orders of a federal judge in Seattle, these agencies have now declared that they will no longer be enforcing the additional immigration screening that Trump detailed in one of his most controversial executive orders.

In this executive order, Trump put a hold on any and all immigration from seven Muslim countries- even if the immigrants in question were in possession of valid visas! This order kept families apart, delayed business transactions that would have contributed to the American economy, and embarrassed the United States as countries around the world denounced such a policy.

More than simply being ineffective and inhumane, however, Donald Trump’s visa ban was also illegal.  Following a federal judge’s orders out of Seattle, the Department of Homeland Security and State Department will no longer enforce Trump’s executive order.

It’s important to remember that as executive agencies, both of these departments report directly to the Oval Office. This means that senior administrators at two of the country’s most powerful agencies are standing up to Trump and refusing to carry out his twisted and misinformed policy, even though he’s their direct boss.

In addition to showing how untenable and short-term most of Trump’s plans are, this also reveals him to be a truly flawed leader. It’s common knowledge that one of the best ways to measure a leader’s effectiveness is to gauge how well they can unite and inspire the people they’re leading.

If Trump were an effective leader, then, the heads of his executive agencies would be carrying out his policies, united in their efforts to stand with him. Clearly, this reversal of the immigration ban shows us that this is not the case: these agencies couldn’t wait to bail on Trump’s plan, and happily jumped ship and stopped enforcing the ban as soon as they had an excuse.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the first time during Trump’s presidency that he’s clashed with agency leaders. This most recent abandonment came only days after Trump had to fire his acting Attorney General because she refused to help him break the law.

With such a high turnover in executive agency leadership, there are some serious cracks beginning to show in the Trump administration. A ship without an effective captain is bound to sink, and a White House captained by Trump will have hard time making any of their policy stick.

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Source: Reuters



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