Someone Just Edited The Paintings In Trump’s Oval Office, And They’re Hilarious

An unknown Photoshop prankster edited the paintings of Founding Fathers hanging in President Donald Trump’s Oval Office to reflect what they probably really think about him.

The images have gone viral on social media.

One picture shows George Washington, clearly not a fan of Trump’s oratory, flipping the bird at the president. Trump also had a more appropriate Russian flag lapel pin replace his American flag.

Another photo shows Andrew Jackson facepalm while listening to Trump on the phone.

Another picture shows Thomas Jefferson making a crude masturbatory motion while Trump points to a bust of Winston Churchill during British Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Washington.

The last one shows Alexander Hamilton eager to end it all while Trump, again wearing a Russian flag lapel pin, poses for a photo.

Another Twitter user took a stab at creating his own.

One image shows George Washington chugging a bottle of alcohol while Trump looks on.

Another image shows someone mooning the White House staff as their sworn in, although that is from like two White House staffs ago.

The final one shows the Statue of Liberty’s flame burn out while a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. facepalms.

The images were a hit on Twitter.



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