Sexist, Anti-LGBT Country Singer Kid Rock Now Has Official Backing from Republican Senate Leadership in Michigan Election

As Donald Trump’s policies have become increasingly obvious failures and his gaffes have only gotten progressively more ridiculous and embarrassing, many theorized that the GOP establishment would attempt to distance itself from him in an attempt to save face for future administrations. After all, it’s already been rumored that Mike Pence is speaking to donors and organizing a shadow campaign for the 2020 election, so party faith in Trump can’t be too high at the moment.

It came as a shock, then, when a strategy group backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell publicly endorsed Kid Rock’s bid for the United States Senate in Michigan. Robert James Richtie, better known by his stage name “Kid Rock”, announced that he would be running earlier this year. In fact, early polling has shown him to be only 8 points behind Democratic incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow, which is a shockingly close margin for a candidate that many would consider to be a joke.

It’s fairly obvious that Donald Trump has inspired this wave of ridiculous celebrity candidates, and Kid Rock’s campaign already has some striking similarities to Trump’s. After all, the two both tend to use inappropriate expletives when describing women and members of the LGBT community; it’s hard not to see the similarity between Trump’s famous “grab her by the p*ssy” line and Kid Rock’s statements that he “don’t love anybody who acts like a f*ckin’ f*ggot” and that he “likes skinny white chicks with big tits.”

Like Trump, Kid Rock has made his fair share of flagrantly inappropriate statements.

After witnessing what’s happened as a result of Trump’s victory, it’s ridiculous that any serious GOP politician would endorse a candidate like Kid Rock. That’s exactly what Steven Law, president of the Senate Leadership Fund did when he said that he would be “very interested” in seeing Kid Rock on the ballot. Law moved on to praise the performer in an interview on C-SPAN, which is partially transcribed below:

“The superficial sense of Kid Rock is that he’s an entertainer, that he’s kind of this wild redneck,” Law continued. “But the truth of the matter is that he’s done a lot in his home state philanthropically, he’s a pretty smart guy, he thinks about policy, and he’s a shrewd businessman.”

“He hasn’t stayed this long in the business that he’s been in by actually living the life that he looks like he lives when he’s on stage. So I certainly wouldn’t count him out. We’d be pretty interested in his candidacy,” Law said. He then looked straight at the camera and added, “So if you’re watching, Kid, we hope you run.”

A year ago, a campaign like this would have been widely considered a joke, and been completely rejected by the GOP institution. Now, however, the party is so desperate to save face after Trump’s horrible approval ratings and disastrous policy failures that they’ll embrace anything, even a joke candidate like Richtie.

If you agree that politics needs to be taken seriously, and that the Senate is not a playground for Republican celebrities, please like and share this message in order to denounce this horrible campaign and nip it in the bud.



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