SEE IT: Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Declares War on Trump and ‘100% Corrupt’ GOP Over Tax Scam

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman went on an epic Twitter tirade against President Donald Trump and the Republican Party over their scam claiming to help the middle-class while slashing taxes on the wealthy.

After the Republican Party passed the Senate version of the GOP tax bill in the middle of the night, Krugman unleashed hell on Twitter, calling out the party as “100% corrupt” and Senators like John McCain who touted their “virtues” as “phony.”

“It now seems virtually certain that the president of the United States is de facto a foreign agent — but this corrupt Congress won’t hold him accountable,” Krugman said, before warning that even if the Democratic Party has a big wave in the midterm elections they may still fall short of winning back the majority because of gerrymandering.

Krugman is not optimistic for the future, predicting that in “January 2019 we may well be ruled by a fundamentally illegitimate regime: a corrupt Congress retaining power despite public rejection, a president who owes his position to a foreign dictator who retains a hold on him.”

Krugman said that “America as we knew it is very much on the edge” but offered a glimmer of hope in the chance that “the evidence will be so overwhelming that even under this Congress Trump is forced from office.”

Or, he suggested, perhaps the Democratic wave will be so massive it will topple our understanding of electoral politics as we know it.



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