Sean Spicer Blames Obama for White House’s OBSTRUCTION of Justice in Flynn Investigation

If there’s one thing that Republicans are good at ever since Trump has taken office, it’s directing the blame for his myriad of failures on other groups or individuals. Trump and Paul Ryan blamed “uncooperative” Democrats for the complete and total failure of their recent attempt at passing healthcare legislation. Kellyanne Conway continues to make up ridiculous lies to distract the mainstream media from the fact that she’s been completely sidelined in her role as a White House adviser, and Jason Chavetz blamed low-income Americans for being unable to afford healthcare.

Simply put, Trump is completely incapable of taking responsibility for his actions, no matter how asinine those actions were, nor how obvious it is that he is at fault. The most recent manifestation of this personality floor came in the form of an announcement by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who has been mocked in the past for his completely nonsensical and self-contradicting style of communication.

Yesterday, the White House came under fire for refusing to release documents detailing the communications between Trump and his ex-National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn. Congress requested these documents pursuant to the ongoing hearings investigating Trump’s connections with Russia, as the House Oversight Committee just accused Flynn of receiving and illegally hiding money from the Russian Federation in 2015.

The White House continues to refuse to hand over important documents that could help Congress investigate General Michael Flynn, who is believed to have received money from the Russian Federation in 2015.

Instead of releasing these documents, the Trump administration proved today that it is sticking to its irresponsible and shortsighted plan of continuous deflection. Why, after all, should they learn from their mistake over the past few months? Instead, Spicer has stuck to the now blatantly crooked party line, blaming Barack Obama for the fact that Trump had to ask for Flynn’s resignation, and for the fact that the White House has continued to obstruct justice in Congress.

Spicer indicated that this entire situation was Obama’s fault due to the previous administration’s decision to appoint Flynn as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which happened in 2012. What Spicer failed to mention, however, is that Obama forced Flynn to leave this position after only two years due to his intolerable attitude towards his supervisors.

The fact that Obama once entrusted Flynn with a position far less important than the one gifted to him by Trump has nothing to do with Trump’s misguided decisions to refuse to provide Congress with the documents they need to hold Flynn accountable. Moreover, Obama dismissed Flynn BEFORE he received the aforementioned money from the Russians, meaning that Trump is the one who appointed a crook, not Obama.

There are a multitude of reasons that this latest attempt to blame Obama are ridiculous, but there’s no need to list them all: the simple truth is, the dates just don’t line up. Trump needs to admit that this was his mistake, and stop defending Flynn despite the fact that he betrayed the trust of the American people. If you agree, please share this article with your family and friends on Facebook.




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