Republicans Continue to Believe Trump Wiretapping Lies, Citing Irrelevant Susan Rice Story

At this point, it’s become apparent that Trump will do or say anything it takes, no matter how ridiculous, to avoid admitting that his wiretapping claims against President Obama were lies. Trump’s Tweets from earlier this year made a few ridiculous assertions, claiming that President Obama directly ordered wiretap surveillance of his campaign, and that Trump Tower had been wiretapped by federal agencies as per Obama’s orders.

Despite the fact that Barack Obama never had the power nor likely the desire to execute such an order, and the fact that Federal Bureau of Investigations director James Comey publicly testified that no such wiretapping occurred, Republicans absolutely refuse to give this lie up. The latest effort to try and validate Trump’s statements come in the form of overblown and misreported information regarding Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser while he was in office.

As part of her job, Rice reviewed countless intelligence reports. In these reports, individuals are rarely named outright, and instead referred to as numbers or general names like “Adult 1”. This is standard procedure, but when Rice saw the same individuals coming up over and over in intelligence reports communicating with foreign dignitaries, she requested their real names.

Susan Rice is the latest victim of the Republican party’s futile attempts to justify Trump’s wiretapping lies.

Seems like a pretty normal request for someone in charge of reviewing these reports to make, right? Unfortunately, Republicans see it another way. Due to the fact that these individuals happened to be members of Trump’s campaign team, which is fishy enough, Republicans are convinced that Susan Rice was acting under orders from Obama to intentionally spy on Trump’s campaign.

These assertions are ridiculous for a few reasons. For starters, Rice was just doing her job; if she thought that certain individuals were being mentioned in repeatedly suspicious ways, she had every right to ask that they be “unmasked”. Second, this still does NOTHING to confirm Trump’s original claims, as the reports were not related to Trump Tower and there’s absolutely no proof at all that Obama ever directly ordered any of these requests.

Clearly, Republicans are grasping at strings. Trump and his cronies are now willing to vilify any relationship between Obama’s administration and Trump’s campaign, even something as routine as the National Security Adviser reviewing intelligence reports. If anything, this only serves to further embarrass Trump, and shows the incredibly low quality of evidence he’s working with regarding his ridiculous lies.

The best defense against this constant stream of Republican falsehood is to remain informed. By sharing articles like these with friends and family on Facebook, you can help ensure that the Democrats you know are aware of which lies Republicans are telling now, and that people remain informed with the truth as opposed to right-wing propaganda.




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