Republican Chair of House Intelligence Committee Under Investigation for Botching Russia Hearings

The recent intelligence hearings in both the House and Senate in regards to Trump’s ties to Russia have been occupying national headlines for weeks now, and for good reason. These hearings represent a huge step forward in reaching the truth about the cyber-attacks that occurred throughout the 2016 elections, and obviously the American public is excited about a chance to get to the bottom of this complicated international issue. After months of inaction from Congress, these hearings seemed like the first time that elected officials were doing their job and trying to answer the questions being asked by their constituents.

Unfortunately, as most readers probably remember, Devin Nunes (R-CA) threw a huge wrench in the House proceedings by secretly traveling to the White House to discuss them with Trump, and subsequently shutting down public access to the hearings in the House. Thankfully, the Senate hearings are moving full steam ahead, calling for Trump insiders like Jared Kushner to come forward and answer for their dealings with Russia.

Nunes’ actions, however, were a major violation of the trust that American constituents place in their elected leaders. By undermining the intelligence proceedings in the House, Nunes put a major delay on the search for the truth regarding the events of the 2016 election and Russia’s role in them. By doing this, he put his party before his people, and in a liberal democratic state like the United States, that kind of behavior cannot be allowed to stand as precedent.

Devin Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, possibly broken classified information laws when secretly discussing the hearings with Trump staffers.

His colleagues in Congress realize the danger represented by Nunes’ attitude, and this has likely played a part in their decision to investigate his actions. The House Ethics committee is launching a full scale investigation into Nunes’ late night meetings with Trump officials at the White House throughout the intelligence hearings, and they’re dead set on finding out in Nunes violated the law.

It’s possible that while secretly discussing the ongoing intelligence hearings with Trump officials, Nunes revealed classified information to a member of the public. As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes in entrusted with high-value confidential information. Ideally, he would use this information to do his job and help the committee find the truth about Russia’s cyber attacks, but instead, he decided to possibly share some of it with the President’s staff.

It cannot be understated how unethical this behavior is. Republicans like Nunes need to be reminded that it’s the American taxpayers, not Donald Trump, that are paying his salary. He owes it to his constituents and his country to be honest throughout these proceedings, and he must be held accountable for failing to do so.

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