Rachel Maddow Busts Senators Lying About Trump ‘Dossier,’ Details All The Parts Already Proven True

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called out the heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee after they claimed to have “hit a wall” in their investigation of the Christopher Steele dossier Thursday.

On Wednesday, Committee chairman Richard Burr and Democratic vice chairman Mark Warner told reporters at a news conference that they “hit a wall” in their investigation into the infamous dossier because the ex-British spy refused to meet with the committee.

Except that doesn’t appear to be true. According to Maddow, Steele, through an associate, told members of Congress he would willingly speak with them about the dossier, contradicting the intel committee heads.

Steele had offered to meet with the committee and was waiting for their response when the senators announced he refused to meet them, according to Maddow.

It was later reported that special counsel Bob Mueller has taken over the investigation into the dossier. According to Reuters, Mueller’s team has already met with Steele and takes that dossier much more seriously than previously reported.

Maddow noted that much of what was in the dossier, not including the salacious personal details, has already been proven in the months since it was released by Buzzfeed News.

Maddow pointed out that the dossier claimed Russia was behind the DNC hack, which was eventually confirmed by the intelligence community.

The dossier also revealed that the Trump Organization tried to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, which was proven earlier this year.

Steele also claimed Russia offered dirt on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign, which we now know to be true as well.

“So, a lot of this he did dead right,” Maddow said. “A lot of this that seemed nuts when we read this published in January. Since then it has been reported out and proven.”

So despite many of the claims in the dossier being confirmed, and despite Steele’s willingness to talk with investigators as he did with Mueller’s team, the intel committee insists they’ve “hit a wall.”

“So, there may be a continuing political interest in Washington in trying to make the Christopher Steele dossier seem like a scandal or seem like an unplumbable depth that we’ll never be able to understand and nobody will ever be able to investigate,” Maddow said.

“A bunch of the dossier has proven to be true,” she said. “The FBI and CIA have reportedly validated parts of it as true and have apparently used it as the basis of some of their ongoing investigation. The special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the dossier including interviewing Christopher Steele about it. Senate investigators apparently can meet with Christopher Steele if they want to. Even if the Republican chairman of the Intelligence Committee yesterday said otherwise.”

Maddow pointed out that ousted Trump adviser Steve Bannon is pressuring Republicans in both the Senate and the House to curtail their investigations. The Senate intel committee has now stepped back from probing the claims in the dossier. But the new information that has come since the move, particularly Mueller’s interest in verifying the claims, suggests that there is a lot more of the dossier to investigate.

Watch Maddow’s report below:



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