Pro-Trump YouTube Star Murders Own Father for Calling Him a Nazi

A Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist internet troll killed his father after he accused him of being a Nazi, The Daily Beast reports.

Lane Davis, 33, is a “prolific YouTuber and Redditor” who stabbed his father in a fit of rage for calling out his racist beliefs.

Davis, who spends much of his time sharing posts about gun rights, complaining about diversity, and pushing conspiracy theories about the Democrats, lived with his parents, Catherine and Charles Davis.

The couple had gotten used to him recording his tirades but eventually got fed up and demanded he move out.

According to the report, Davis chased his parents around the home, spit in his father’s face, and ranted about “pedophiles who were taking over the country.”

Catherine called 911.

“He’s not physically threatening us or anything,” Catherine told the dispatcher. “He just gets out of control and he’s ranting about stuff from the internet.”

The dispatcher asked if Davis was on drugs or has a history of mental disorder.

“No, not reported, but he’s not working and he gets on these rampages and he just needs to move on,” Catherine said.

The dispatcher told the parents to stay away until police arrived.

“We’re trying to but he’s chasing us around the house,” Catherine replied. “He’s mad about something on the internet about leftist pedophiles and he thinks we’re leftist and he’s calling us pedophiles. And I don’t know what all.”

“He just lives on the internet and he gets really worked up about everything that’s going on. He needs an intervention of some kind here,” Catherine added with a laugh.

Charles was recording the incident on his phone. An audio filed obtained from his phone after the 911 call shows Davis enraged at his parents.

“OK well, so here’s the deal. If I am going to go to prison for threatening to kill somebody, I mean,” he says on the tape.

“Leave the knife alone,” Charles says as Catherine tries to assure him they just want to help.

“So, you are going to send me to prison?” he asks. “My life is over.”

Catherine called 911 again minutes later.

“He stabbed him!” she yells while running.

According to the report, Davis had stabbed the 73-year-old and stood outside with his hands in the air to wait for police.

Catherine called 911 again. “He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead.”

Davis told police that the fight began over “whether toddlers could consent to sex or not” and his dad called him a racist and a Nazi.

Davis pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bail.

According to the Daily Beast, Davis had worked with former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos told The Beast that he was “unhappy with his work and discontinued the relationship. I then experienced his anger firsthand as he threatened me and later went to BuzzFeed making false and inaccurate accusations.”

Davis later went on to write for an even farther-right site, The Ralph Retort, which is run by a prominent GamerGate leader, Ethan Ralph, who is currently serving an eight-month sentence for assaulting a police officer.



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