‘One Thing I Love About These Tragedies’: Watch NRA Pundit Positively Spin Las Vegas Massacre on Fox News

NRA commentator Antonia Okafor pushed back on Democrats calling for gun control in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in American history and suggested we look on the bright side of such massacres.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, Okafor said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That’s what the Democrats in Congress, that’s what Hillary Clinton is doing right now by perpetuating this rhetoric that more gun control, more of the same, is going to do anything different.”

It’s unclear what Okafor was referring to by “more of the same” since the country hasn’t had any meaningful gun control legislation passed in decades. The last bill of any value to pass Congress was the Assault Weapons Ban in the 1990s which Congress allowed to expire in 2004. The number of mass shootings each year doubled after the ban expired.

“Do you think they’re doing a disservice, that they’re actually accomplishing the opposite of what they’re trying to accomplish by bringing awareness to gun control by so suddenly and quickly heading in that direction?” host Heather Childers asked, pushing the company line.

“Absolutely,” Okafor replied to the softball. “The problem is that after things like this, after mass shootings, they go to gun control and implementing the same thing that we’ve done over and over again before.”

Again, no we haven’t. Save for the temporary assault weapons ban, the United States has not acted in any meaningful way on restricting access to guns in many decades.

“We can look at Europe to see, four mass shootings happened in 2015,” she said, forgetting that America has seen 521 mass shootings in the last 477 days. “Semi-automatic weapons are almost completely banned over there but yet there’s still violent criminals.”

“Same thing here in America,” she said. “We have Baltimore, we have Chicago, we have St. Louis, we have all these places that are ridden with violence. And we’ve implemented more and more gun control as the years have gone on. So, the policy is not working.”

While some cities have implemented stronger gun control laws, research shows that most of the guns used in crimes in cities like Chicago and New York come from out-of-state because the surrounding states and the federal government have not acted to restrict gun access.

Okafor then went on to urge people to look on the bright side of mass shootings and listen to the president.

“One thing I love about — unfortunately — these tragedies that happen, the reaction from the American people coming together,” she said. “And one thing I think we’re very good at is problem solving. And so I believe if we’re willing to change the direction that we’ve been in before… you know, we voted for President Trump because we wanted a difference.”

“I think it’s important that if we listen to our president, if we listen to the leadership and the advice that he has in the future going on forward that we can actually make change in this horrible circumstance so that this doesn’t happen in the future,” she added.

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