Obstruction of Justice: Trump Withholds Vital Flynn Information from Congressional Committees

Earlier today, the House Oversight Committee dropped a bombshell on the national media when they made the first outright accusation against a Trump adviser in regards to the ongoing investigations into the connections between Trump’s campaign and administration and the Russian government. While the progress of these investigations has had its ups and downs due to both shocking testimonies by anti-Trump witnesses and attempts by Republican elected officials to impede them, the accusations leveled earlier today mark undeniable progress.

The House Oversight Committee accused General Michael Flynn, Trump’s ex-National Security Adviser, of failing to seek permission to give a paid pro-Russia speech at an event in 2015, and subsequently failing to report the payments he received from the Russian Federation as compensation for giving this speech. While it’s shady enough that a military official would take money from a foreign government in exchange for praising them at a public event, it’s outright illegal to try and keep it secret, so Flynn is in hot water.

Multiple members of the House Oversight Committee, from both parties, indicated that they believed Michael Flynn committed crimes in receiving foreign payments from Russia.

Most disturbing, however, has been the White House’s reaction to the accusations against Flynn. Clearly, Trump knew something about these crimes, as he demanded Flynn’s resignation during the first few weeks of his presidency in order to distance himself from Flynn’s blunder.

In an attempt to gain more insight into the situation and determine how extensive Flynn’s violations of the law were, the House Permanent Committee on Select Intelligence requested copies of White House records detailing Flynn’s communications with the Oval Office while he was being vetted for National Security Adviser, as well as reports Flynn submitted to Trump during his brief tenure as part of Trump’s cabinet.

Instead of handing over these documents to aid Congress in doing their duty of delivering the truth to the American people, Trump’s white House has done everything they can to obstruct justice and prevent Congress from accessing this information. The information requests have gone ignored, and the White House refuses to release any documentation that details Flynn’s connections to Russia or the reasons for his resignation.

This is ridiculous, and cannot be allowed to become precedent. Congress has the right to access this information pursuant to the House and Senate hearings, and if Trump starts off his presidency by setting the precedent of obstructing Congressional investigations, it’s a dangerous step towards authoritarianism.

Trump’s White House has completely refused to comply with information requests made by Congressional committees.

After all, these bodies are the same that are entrusted with the duty of impeaching the President if he is determined to be unfit to serve, so it makes sense why Trump might want to set the precedent of derailing Congressional investigations now before it comes to that. Democrats around the country need to stand up and make it clear that this obstruction of justice will not be tolerated, and if you agree, share this article with your friends on Facebook to make sure that the way Trump is impairing Congress is common knowledge.



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