NYPD Holds Rally for Kaepernick, Condemns NFL For Blackballing Quarterback for Progressive Political Views

On Saturday, a group of almost 100 New York Police Department members came together to express their solidarity with and support for Colin Kaepernick, the ex-San Francisco quarterback who started a nationwide movement last year when he took a knee during the national anthem. 

Kaepernick’s demonstration was meant to show that even thought he lyrics in the national anthem praise equality, many members of the American community don’t get treated fairly at all.

Specifically, Kaepernick was protesting the way in which the law is applied unequally to African Americans, often resulting in violence conducted by members of the police.

This message garnered a tremendous amount of national support, and Kaepernick inspired people around the country to follow suit.

High school athletes around the country began protesting the unfair treatment of minorities in the same way, and Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has already stated that he’s going to kneel through every national anthem this season.

Despite the fact that this message has been met with a wide degree of support, however, Kaepernick has been completely blackballed by the NFL.

He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now with the numbers to prove it, but has been unable to find a team willing to sign him thus far. If the problem isn’t Kaepernick’s skills, it’s likely that teams are afraid to pick him up due to the political message he represents.

Kaepernick has been blackballed from the NFL due to his progressive political views.

These police officers are rallying in order to show that Kaepernick’s political message isn’t nearly as controversial as right-wing extremists have made it out to be.

Many critics of Kaepernick claim that he was insulting and disrespecting police officers with his demonstration, but these individuals clearly don’t feel that way.

Frank Serpico, famous for being the detective that blew the lid off of the major corruption scandal in New York’s police department during the 1970s was at the rally, and stated that he was there “to support anyone who has the courage to stand up against injustice and oppression anywhere in this country and the world.”

Teams clearly have nothing to fear when it comes to signing Kaepernick, as the vast majority of Americans agree with his political message.

If you think it’s ridiculous that one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL is being blackballed for his liberal political views, please like and share this message in order to make one thing clear: Americans don’t have a problem with the celebrities who point out the problems in society, they have a problem with the institutions that punish people for telling the truth.



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