Nixon Watergate Adviser Says Trump’s Actions Give him Nightmares, Calls President Insane

It isn’t just Democrats that are terrified by Trump’s unpredictable and irrational behavior. Recently, a top Nixon adviser came out and publicly announced that he sees Trump as an “unfolding disaster”, and called into question Trump’s ability to focus on his job or make consistent decisions.

John Dean, who acted as an advising attorney in Nixon’s administration said that he is happy when he wakes up “to see that [Trump] hasn’t blown up some part of the world”. As per Dean, American perceptions of Trump have transformed from the standard political or partisan disapproval into outright fear of a man who’s actions nobody can understand.

Trump’s countless aggressive statements and baseless lies have left people confused and scared, unable to predict what the President will do next or how it will negatively impact American society. According to Dean, it’s worse than simply questioning the President’s political views: half of Americans now can’t even tell if the President is sane, or capable of rational thought.

Nixon adviser and attorney John Dean has come out to say that he thinks Trump’s actions are terrifying, and that most Americans can’t tell if the President is sane.

This may seem dramatic, but unfortunately, Trump has driven the American populace to the point where his sanity is being called into question fairly regularly. Early on in his Presidency, a prominent Democratic lawmaker called for the White House to keep a psychiatrist on call as a result behavior exhibited by Trump. These behaviors indicated that Trump might suffer from a host of psychiatric issues, and many experts have been cited claiming that Trump exhibits signs of narcissism and delusions of grandeur.

It’s especially striking that this evaluation comes from someone who worked under Richard Nixon. The fact that Nixon was a Republican makes this a less biased sentiment on its own, as Dean is clearly crossing party lines, but it’s more pertinent that Nixon was also one of the most corrupt Presidents of all time. Clearly, as someone who was active in Nixon’s administration during the Watergate scandal, Dean has seen presidents act immorally before.

Trump’s actions, however, transcend immorality. While Americans might have been shocked and disappointed in Nixon’s behavior, they didn’t call his sanity into question. The fact that Trump has acted so outrageously that even someone who advised Nixon thinks he’s insane really speaks to the completely unprecedented nature of Trump’s horrible style of leadership. Dean is also far from the first legal mind to speak out against Trump: a prominent ethics lawyer and Ivy League historian have denounced the President as well.

The most important thing that Democrats can do to fight back against this insanity is spread messages from rational heads like Dean. Even if Dean was involved in the corrupt Republican Watergate scandal, he can at least stand up now and recognize that Trump’s behavior is completely out of line. If you agree with legal minds like Dean, and think it’s time for Trump to go before his insanity seriously damages the United States of America, please share this article with friends and family on Facebook to keep the pressure up on Trump.


Source: Rawstory



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